Author:Josh Isaacs

    Inmoments, the opacity of the aluminum would be lowered and the facesof those who had been determined enough would finally gaze upon thelong-awaited Etude. Soon, the fervency once felt by the thousandsthat passed by each day would return. Pre-sales would spike, trade-inoffers would be made in preparation of the actual release date, andpeople would become, once again, genuinely excited about the newmodel. It would be a busy day for Feetures, Inc., but it would be aneven busier day for PDM-512-0753 asit assimilates data gathered from the conversations and expressionsof those passing by, just beyond the invisible, half-millimeterbarrier.

    The darkness faded andlight poured in gradually until PDM-512-0753 could see the faces ofthe thirty or so people, wide-eyed in awe as they stared back inside.The speaker allowed PDM-512-0753 to hear all that was being saidoutside while keeping any and all noises it might make completelyinaudible to the crowds outside.

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