Marionette - A book by Stephen Cote(9)
Author:Stephen Cote

    “AndZud? Were they here?”

    “Theylike the Solar-wind instrumentals.”

    Mitchbacked away from Hyperion. “Ion, I’m your best friend. If youwant to run your own market analytics, that’s fine. But, I’mconcerned you’re letting Chaz bend your ear a little too much.”

    “They’reworried you’re bending mine.” Hyperion shook his head. “Istared into the mirror all night, and I don’t understand how thebeautiful face I see is the same one in the photograph.”

    Mitchpaced in a tight square pattern. “Ion, it’s the angle andlighting. It was a mechanical portrait, light refracting through aground lens. The lens may have a blemish.”


    “Youwouldn’t occupy ninety percent of the market if such rubbish weretrue.”

    Hyperionleveled a finger at Mitch. “That picture is offensive to me and myfans. They think I’m a freak.”

    Mitchshook his head. “You have to step back and look at the big picture. If the universe thinks poorly of you, this is an opportunity tointroduce your new product and fashion lines.”

    “Mynext wave isn’t out in the ether. They’ll see my new productswhile thinking of this picture.”

    “Yoursublime beauty,” Vickette said.

    Mitchrelaxed and remembered why he liked her company; she excelled atplacations.

    “Yes,”Mitch said. “The picture is a cocoon from which your new look willemerge.”

    Hyperionglanced at the elevator.

    Mitchwinced. “Are they on their way up?” Behind his back he pointedat the floor. “Unfortunately, we still have to investigate thismorning’s events. I’m not comfortable with an armed entouragemaking it through security, and I don’t think I’d make a goodbest friend if I didn’t look into it.”

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