Three's a Crowd

By: Ella Jade

Connor Hughes sat in the corner of the dimly-lit bedroom, stroking his cock and watching two amazingly beautiful goddesses touch, lick and suck one another. He considered himself a lucky bastard. For the past month, the two girls who lived downstairs in his apartment building had been inviting him over to watch them get it on. It was live porn, and he was reaping the benefits in more ways than one. It was his private peep show.

Sierra and Janine were two of the hottest women he'd ever seen. They were a stark contrast to one another. Janine was tall, leggy, and blond. The shade of her eyes reminded him of the Caribbean waters. Connor wanted to touch her pale full breasts and make her come from the sensation of his tongue on her nipples. Sierra was an exotic beauty. She looked as if she'd descended from Greece. Her long, dark hair fell over her tanned shoulders as she glanced over at him from the bed. Her wide, brown eyes looked as if she was inviting him to join them. The things he wanted to do that woman should have been illegal. Janine was beautiful, but there was something about Sierra that called to Connor. When she looked at him, all rational thoughts disappeared. It was as if he'd known her his entire life. She was a Siren in every sense of the word. Connor had more than one fantasy about her. It was as if she called to him and only him.

When he first joined them in their bedroom, he'd sit there, too mesmerized to even move. Lately, though, he'd been taking matters into his own hand, so to speak, and making sure he came just as hard as his new friends. Some nights he came more than once. He'd never been so exhausted, and he didn’t do anything more than watch. They didn’t seem to mind when he took his clothes off. They'd peek in his direction and smile at him, but they always kept up their steady stream of pleasing one another.

Sierra and Janine sat facing each other on the bed; long, luscious legs all tangled together, hands interlocked as they licked and kissed one another. Connor ached to taste their soft, smooth skin. He wondered if touching would ever be allowed.

Sierra leaned against Janine and whispered something into her ear. Janine nodded as she smiled and stared at him. She was clearly the aggressor in the relationship. She initiated most of what they did, but Sierra didn't seem to mind, especially when she was screaming out in ecstasy. Sierra's moans made Connor lose his load on more than one occasion.

Sierra got up off the bed and walked over to him. God, she was beautiful. He knew she swung the other way, but a guy could dream. He dreamed about her often. What he wouldn't give to have her for one night.

“Connor,” she whispered. “Do you want to play with us?” She ran her fingers through his hair.

“What?” His voice came off weak, but she'd shocked him with her question. He never thought he'd be anything more than a spectator.

Janine hopped off the bed, sexy tits jiggling as she walked over to him and extended her hand.

“Sierra has a request,” she said. “And what my girl wants, my girl gets.”

"I don't understand." Connor shook his head. "What does she want?"

Sierra giggled. The sound was familiar to Connor, but he wasn't sure why. He'd never heard her laugh before. But then, there was something very comforting about her.

Connor got up from the chair he'd been sitting in and faced Sierra as Janine stood behind him, pressing those perfect tits against his back. He could feel her pert nipples rubbing against his shoulder blades. Sierra ran her hand down his stomach, stopping just above his cock.

She grinned just before speaking." Have you thought about touching us?" Sierra traced small circles just below his belly button, causing his cock to twitch. "Do you want to touch me?"

He nodded because he wasn't sure he could find his voice. He placed his arm around her waist and pulled her a little closer to him, running his stubble along her jaw. She closed her eyes and leaned against him. She was a perfect fit.

“Tell him, baby.” Janine encouraged Sierra. "Tell him what you want."

Tell me what? Connor's breath hitched in his throat and he felt his heart rate increase with each passing second.

Connor had never been so aroused before. His stomach muscles were coiled tight and he could already feel the sensation building in his balls. They hadn't even done anything to him yet, and they weren't going to if he lost it before the party started.

“Connor,” Sierra breathed out as she hitched her leg over his hip, brushing her pussy against his dick. “I’ve been with Janine since I was eighteen, but I’ve never been with a guy.”

“Really,” he whispered as he moved his mouth closer to hers. "That's fascinating."

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