Something Forever

By: M. Clarke



“Becky,” I said aloud, rushing out of the bathroom with the pregnancy test. I was holding it gently, as if it was the most precious thing. It was plastic, for goodness sake, but it held the answer that could possible change my life. When Becky approached me, I placed my other hand over it so she couldn’t see it.

“Jenna?” Becky’s eyes were wide. I had her full attention. “You’re killing me. You’re not smiling, so that must mean you’re—”

“I’m not.” I shook my head, giving her half a smile. A part of me was relieved, but the other part was disappointed. Knowing my mom had a difficult time being pregnant with me, and also had many miscarriages, in a way I was hoping that I was. I didn’t want the same fate as hers.

Becky held a huge smile. “That’s great news. You didn’t want to be, right?” Looking at me with uncertainty, she sounded unsure.

“I don’t know,” I replied, surprised by my words. What was even more surprising were the tears that started to stream down by face. “I know I should be relieved with the news, but what if I can’t have children? Max wants a minivan full of them.” Suddenly I started hyperventilating, and uncontrollable tears started to pour.

Becky set her hands on my shoulders. “Jenna, you need to calm down. Everything will be fine. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get pregnant. People have negative results all the time. Plus, sometimes it can take months to get pregnant. I thought you wanted to wait till after you got married, so this is great news.”

I could see Becky’s lips moving, but I couldn’t hear a thing. For some strange reason, she started to fade. Was I dreaming? “Becky.” I repeatedly called out for her as I continued to bawl, but I knew my voice didn’t carry. I didn’t even know if the words left my mouth. All I knew was how much I was the point that it woke me up.

Tears rolled down the side of my face and sweat trickled over the top of my forehead. I felt sticky from the dampness of Max’s white T-shirt that clung to my back. Wiping the tears away, I blinked to clear my vision of the ceiling above me. As my lungs expanded, I took in deep, exhausting breaths. It helped me calm down, somewhat. I could still recall the splitting pain in my heart from not being pregnant. After I took another deep breath, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I grimaced when I saw what a mess I was. My hair was in disarray, my eyes were swollen, and I looked utterly exhausted. Letting the water run until the warm water finally flowed, I washed my face to wake me up. After I patted my face with a towel, I turned to see the pregnancy test that I hadn’t thrown away yet. What was I waiting for anyway? I already knew the result.

Chapter 1


“Becca. You don’t have to go, do you?” I asked, swinging my legs and arms around her to bring her sleepy body closer to mine. I was just kidding of course, but a part of me wasn’t. She was going to Las Vegas with her friends for the weekend. Although we had recently hooked up, it was difficult at times to spend quality time together because of my schedule.

Becca let out a loud, delicious moan. Every sound that came out of her mouth sounded sexy as hell to me. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned and snuggled against my chest. What she did next made me suck in air, hard. Her hand lifted the hem of my boxer to stroke my dick. Sweet Jesus! It was bad enough I had a morning boner, but hell, it just got harder.

“Good morning,” she hummed, kissing and nipping my bare chest. “Time to rise and shine.” Her voice was thick and hoarse, and way too seductive.

I had to laugh at her words. My dick was already up. “Becca, if you start this, I’m going to finish it.” My words had barely left my lips...I wasn’t even sure what I had said. My head was spinning because my dick was inside of her mouth. Fuck! She was making me feel so good. I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed this moment as I watched her.

After yanking off my boxers, her wet tongue slowly glided over my shaft and down, making me quiver in pleasure. Every nerve in my body shot alive. After another lick and suck, she went in deeper and rocked faster. Holy fuck! Dropping my head to my pillow—because that was all I could do—I let her take me...stroke me...lick me...suck me... putting me over the edge. My Becca could do the most amazing things with her mouth.

Feeling the urge to climax, I wrung a fistful of her disarrayed hair and pulled her up to kiss those sultry lips of hers. I wanted to swallow her into me, to take every part of her, because as always, I couldn’t get enough. Wanting to eat her up with my tongue, teeth, and lips, I kissed her roughly and intensely.

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