A Perfect Moment

By: Becca Lee


“When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amore.” – Dean Martin, That’s Amore

To my boys, you make my world a brighter and better place.


After ten years of attempting to write a story, I constantly found myself hitting a road block, so I gave up. This past Christmas, I was inspired. I was inspired by the many authors, who I adore, by the own love of my life and by the beauty I see in the world around me. I half expected my hubby to laugh when I told him I’d actually written the first 6,000 words to a book. Instead, he smiled, kissed me and told me, “I was amazing.” Me! Without his support, I wouldn’t have had the time to achieve one of my dreams, to publish. Thank you, baby.

As you know, a book doesn’t become possible without the amazing love, support and care of so many people. My best friend, Charl, was the first to tentatively read my first few chapters. Her enthusiasm drove me. As my dearest and oldest friend, I thank you, beautiful. I will always be your Junior Burger. And a mention to my wonderful parents, who always shower me with their support and love. Thank you for always believing in me.

Breaking into the community was so damn hard, and I have one woman who was the first to offer kindness and support. An author who showed consideration to a newbie. I’m so grateful to Kristine Raymond for the kindness she showed me. Thank you, lovely. Your heart is beautiful and your writing is amazing.

Justine of Hot Tree Editing, you are a fabulous beta. You told me when to wind it back. You reassured me and offered me great pointers. Thank you so bloody much. You rock, woman!

My editor, Lauren McKellar, has been so patient with me. I’m that painful author who constantly prods. Thank you, Lauren, for making my book shine. A big thanks to Hot Tree Editing, who swept their loving gazes over APM too.

Angel, ‘who needs a capitalized The in front of her name’, thank you for your fresh eyes and for your wonderful formatting. You’ve been so supportive and generous.

My beautiful, talented and pervey book babes, you sure know how to pimp my arse. I’ve loved every moment of it. Josie, Ang, Angie, Ellen, Lila, Rebecca, Justine, Alisha, Becky, Kayleigh and Cynthia, you’re all so bloody special and awesome. Thanks for taking a chance on me and supporting me with such ease. Also a special mention to Mandy, your kindness means a lot.

Heather and Shannon, from Sexyways of Reading, you made my release tour rock. Thank you. I was blown away by the interest and support from every single blogger and reader who kindly took a chance on me, sharing my book and supporting my release. You’ve all help me achieve my dream. Thank you!

Finally, a mega shoutout to my girl, Josie, my super sassy and über gorgeous PA. You organise my arse to perfection, are the loudest cheerleader and have helped me so much. Thank you for the 4am brainstorming, the threats to take people down who are mean, and for your unwavering support. You’ve been my constant through this. I’ll be sure you never go without a Crunchie again.

Prologue – five years earlier


When you reached out for that perfect moment, it is only natural to want it to last forever. Sometimes, however, life has other ideas. Life simply throws shit in your face and then throws its head back, laughing its goddamned arse off. Seriously! When the phrase, it’s only natural comes into play, surely that means it’s natural, right? Uncomplicated, right? Meant to be.

Who the hell was I kidding? Apparently, wanting a perfect moment to last was too much to ask for. Sitting on my backside in the middle of the church grounds, watching my shithead of a fiancé shove his tongue down a bitch’s throat, was not exactly my perfect moment. For once, my belief in ‘the moment’, in a happily ever after, flew out the fucking door, laughing in glee as Fuckwit—yes, that’s now the name I’ll be referring to him as—groaned deeply into Bitch’s mouth. Bitch being his skank of an ex.

Not so much of an ex now, after all, it seems.

My best friend, Jo, chose that moment to come barrelling around the corner, almost tripping over my frozen body when she took in the sight. I tilted my head up from my position on the ground to look at her. She did this crazy cartoon-like double take as she took in my meringue-covered arse sitting on the damp grass, and then back up to cheating Fuckwit.

Never one to hold back, Jo clenched her fists, stepped over my legs and the mountain of silk I had spread all over the ground, and proceeded forward. Everything seemed to slow down. I expected her to turn into some sort of kick-ass superhero, or maybe even a villain, from the tension in her back. I could almost see the rage pulsating off her. Instead, what happened next left me snort-gasping, followed by snotty crying mixed with a hint of pride.

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