Chapter One
Magic Burns
Author:Ilona Andrews


I'm grateful to so many people:

Thank you, Anne Sowards, my editor, for your wisdom, your guidance, and most of all your faith in my ability as a writer. You took a mess and shaped it into a book.

Thank you, Rachel Vater, my agent, for your tireless devotion to your clients. You're the best thing that could happen to a writer's career.

Thank you, Cam Dufty, Ace's editorial as**sistant and quite possibly the most patient woman the world has ever known, for your help with copyedits and a million other things. I owe you a chocolate martini.

Thank you, Kristin del Rosario, the interior text designer, for the gorgeous layout and for making the book a reality.

Thank you, Judy Murello, the art director, for the spectacular cover design, and thank you, Chad Michael Ward, the artist, for creating fantastic cover art.

Thank you, Valerie Cortes, Ace's publicist, for tirelessly promoting the books in the Kate Daniels series.

Thank you, all of the generous people who have suffered through my beta drafts, for making this book so much better than how it started out: Charlene Amsden, Bianca Bradley, Susan E. Curnow, Shannon Franks, Elizabeth Hull, Jackie M., Jill Myles, Reece Notley, Lizane Palmer, May, S. K. S. Perry, G. Jules Reynolds, Lys Rian, Melissa Sawmiller, Sonya Shannon, P. J. Thompson, Heidi Tallentine, and Amber van Dyk.

Finally, thank you, all of the people who read the Kate series. Your e-mails keep me going.