Without You(8)

By: Kelly Elliott

My father smiled and nodded his head. He looked back at me and smiled. He appeared to be a lot calmer, and I couldn’t help but wonder why.

Did he talk Will into breaking up with me? Did he threaten Will? Oh God, what if Daddy threatened him?

“Come on, Grams. Let’s get you home.” Daddy took Grams by the arm and led her back into the house.

I slowly turned and looked at Will. My eyes traveled up and down his body. He appeared to be unhurt. He slowly smiled and winked at me.

There goes my stomach.

“What did he say to you?” I held my breath.

Will glanced at the door and then turned back to me. He walked up to me and took my hand in his. We began walking to his truck.

“Wait—are you leaving?”

“I have to get back home, Lex. Are you still planning on going to the party tomorrow night?”

I nodded my head and barely said, “Yes. I thought we were going together.”

He stopped and leaned against his truck as he smiled. “We are.”

I rolled my eyes and looked away before glancing back at him. “What did my father say to you?”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. I was shocked he was being so forward with his affections, especially knowing my father or mother could see him at any moment.

“He asked me how long I’ve been in love with you. Then, he asked again if we’ve had sex.”

I slammed my hands up to my mouth. “What?”

He laughed. “That was about my reaction, too.”

“He didn’t!”

“Yeah, he did. I was just glad as hell that I could honestly tell him we haven’t had sex…yet.”

My heart dropped, and I felt sick. “Will, please don’t let him change anything between us. If I have to go to another college…well, I want us to be together before we leave for school.”

He closed his eyes and then opened them. “Lex, I don’t want to have sex just because we’re afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, Will. I love you. I know what I want, and I want you. I’m tired of waiting.”

Will licked his lips, and then he let out what sounded like a growl. “Fuck, Lex. I want you, too, but I want it to be special.”

He looked my body up and down and pulled me closer to him, so I could feel just how much he wanted me.

“You have no idea how hard it is to wait,” he said.

I leaned up and went to kiss him when something hit the back of my head. I quickly turned around to see Luke standing there.

“What the hell, Luke?” I picked up the Nerf football and threw it back at him.

“Gunner is going to kick your ass if he sees you pawing on her,” Luke said.

“Shut up, Luke. Gunner knows about me and Lex,” Will said.

Luke’s face dropped. “No shit?”

I smiled and leaned back against Will as he wrapped his arms around me.

“He’s okay with this?” Luke asked.

Will stiffened behind me, and then he relaxed a bit. “After he threatened to kill me if I ever hurt her, he gave me his blessing.”

I spun around. “He threatened to kill you?”

Will laughed as he placed his finger on my chin and pulled my lips to his. “I love you, Lex,” he whispered before kissing me gently. “I’ve got to go. I’ll call you when I get home.”

I smiled. “I love you, too. Be careful driving.”

I took a step back and watched as Will got into his truck. He waved and took off down the driveway. When I couldn’t see his truck anymore, I turned and glared at Luke.

He held his hands up. “What? You’re like my little sister, Alex. I’m gonna protect you even if it means beating the shit out of my best friend.”

I grinned. “You should be more concerned about Michael Clark and Grace.”

Luke’s smile faded, and he pushed his hand through his hair. “I hate that guy. I don’t know what Grace sees in that ass.”

“Me either.”

Luke slowly grinned. “So, Uncle Gunner knows. You finally tell him?”

“Uh, no. He caught us kissing in the barn.”

Luke started laughing. “Shit. I would have given my right arm to see Hayes’s face.”

I giggled as I walked up to him and pushed him in the chest. “You’re so mean.”

He threw his arm around me, and we headed back to my house.

“Alex, if he ever hurts you, I hope you know you’re going to ruin a damn good friendship.”

I punched him in the stomach. “He won’t.”

He dropped his arm as we walked into the house. “For his sake, I hope not,” he whispered.

Grace, Maegan, Libby, and I all sat on Will’s tailgate as we watched Colt, Will, and Luke load a trailer with square bales of hay. Luke stopped to pull his T-shirt off, and he threw it down on the ground.

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