Without You(121)

By: Kelly Elliott

“Hey, Lib.”

His voice made my heart drop and my stomach flip.

I took a deep breath and turned to face him. “Hey, Luke.”

His smile was forced. Something was on his mind, like something was on mine.

“Do you think Will’s popped the question yet?”

I gave him a weak smile in return. “Yeah, probably.”

I started walking along the beach, and Luke followed. My phone beeped in my pocket, and I pulled it out. It was Zack.

Luke let out a laugh, and I looked over at him. He was walking next to me but looking ahead.

“Do you remember the time we put salt in your mom’s sugar container and Alex put three huge scoops in her oatmeal?”

Luke somehow always talked me into doing his crazy pranks with him.

I smiled and nodded my head as I said, “Yeah, I remember.”

Luke started talking about how he’d gotten grounded for that prank as I opened up Zack’s text.

Zack: Libby, I’m so glad to hear from you. Baby, I understand you were confused, but I’m here. I’m waiting for you if you want to make this work.

I quickly hit the Home button on my phone and pushed it back into my back pocket. My heart was pounding.

Shit. I shouldn’t have texted Zack.

No, I did the right thing. Didn’t I?

My head was spinning, and Luke was talking about damn pranks.

I stopped walking and turned to him. I shook my head. “I really need to be alone right now, Luke. I have to think, and I can’t think with you living in the past.”

His smile dropped, and he nodded his head. I turned and started walking again.

The moment his hand touched my arm, I felt the most amazing rush sweep through my body. I almost wanted to whimper with the way his touch affected me. Zack’s touch never did this to me.

I looked up into Luke’s eyes. He had the most beautiful green eyes. I could see why women melted when he looked at them. I quickly looked away.

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t.

“Luke, I can’t stand here and pretend like nothing is wrong. Everything is wrong, and I…I need to move on with my life, and I can’t with—”

He held up his hand and shook his head. I stopped talking. His eyes searched my face and then moved to my lips. I instinctively licked them, and he snapped his eyes back up to mine where he searched them intently.

I held my breath and waited for what he was about to say.

“Libby, I have something I need to tell you.”

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