With Everything I Am(213)

By: Kristen Ashley

Callum took them deeper into the trees. They’d been running for hours. He could hear her pants. He knew he was pushing her. He knew what she wanted.

He kept pushing her, knowing the anticipation would be worth it.

Finally, he turned, headed for home and he sensed her instant excitement.

He felt it too.

* * * * *

Sonia was beneath him, on her belly, her long, thick, mahogany hair spread across her back, obscuring her face, tangled with pine needles. Her sweet, musky wolf scent assaulted him, coming from her hair, her skin, between her legs.

There was something familiar about it. Something beautiful. Something nostalgic. Something he fucking adored.

His human Sonia.

He was up on his hands, giving his hips leverage to thrust into her wetness with savage brutality.

Her moans weren’t filled with pain but each one a temptation to take her harder.

So he did.

“Spread your legs wider,” he ordered.

She did as she was told.

“Tilt your ass, take all of me,” he commanded.

Again, she did as she was told and he drove inside her then ground his hips between her spread-eagled legs and her moan was so deep, he could feel it vibrating against the tip of his cock.

That felt so fucking good, Callum ground into her deeper and he knew he couldn’t take much more.

“Let go,” he demanded but she defied him, clenching her sex around his shaft in an effort to hold off her climax. He shifted his weight to one arm and twisted her dark hair around his fist, yanking it back, arching her neck and driving her further down on his cock. “Let go, wolf.”

He got off on calling her “wolf” as Sonia did with him, especially when he was fucking her.

He fucking loved it.

She did too.

Her legs spread even wider. Her ass tilted further. He dropped his head and saw its perfection. Not an ass marred with pinpricks and he felt a feeling of triumph so complete, the sight set him thrusting into her again.

Which was what she wanted.

“Harder, Cal,” she breathed her demand, her voice barely a whisper, even he could hardly make out the words. “Fuck me harder.”

He was losing control, his orgasm was coming and he knew it would be staggering.

With her, it always was.

The best he’d ever had.

“Goddamn it, let go!” he roared the instant her sex convulsed around his cock.

She lifted up on her own arms, propelling herself onto his shaft so intensely he feared he’d split her in two.

But she threw back her dark head, her hair flying over his hand still fisted in it, over his forearm, down her back and she howled her release.

He pulled out and surged back in, burying himself to the root one last time and then howled his own.

* * * * *

Naked on their bed of pine needles, Callum on his back, Sonia on top of him, his mate moved. Shifting up, she pressed her temple to his and slid it through his hair, marking him.

He growled into her ear, rolled her to her back, him on top and did the same.

When done, he lifted his head and looked down at her in the moonlight.

“You know, you gave me another wedding band, another charm and a fabulous honeymoon for my wedding gifts and I’ve given you nothing but, well… me,” she said softly.

“All I need is you,” he replied just as softly and felt her already relaxed body melt under his as her arms grew tight around him.

“Okay then, how about, for your wedding present, I give you more of me and agree to wait fifty years before we start a family?” she suggested.

“Seventy-five,” he countered, her head jerked slightly before he saw her eyes light and her mouth twitch.

“Deal, wolf,” she whispered. “Seventy-five.”

He grinned and dropped his head to touch his mouth to hers again.

He lifted his head and she shifted a hand and framed the side, her thumb moving to smooth his brow, his cheekbone, his jaw, her eyes watching.

Finally, they came to his. “You know I love you?” she asked.

“You know I love you?” he asked back by way of answer.

“With everything you are,” she whispered.

He dipped his face to hers and murmured with feeling, “With everything I am, baby doll.”

“And I you, my handsome wolf. With everything I am, with everything I’m meant to be and with eternity to be it in, that’s a lot.”

Callum grinned at his wife.

Then he shifted his head and again marked her temple.


And, as he did it, she did the same.


As it was.

As it always would be.

For eternity.

* * * * *

At that exact moment… elsewhere…

Oh my God, they were hunting me.

Hunting me!

I ran, my breath ragged, a stitch cutting agony through my side, as I heard them getting closer. Closer.

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