When I'm with You (Hope Town #3)

By: Harper Sloan


This book is not suitable for younger readers. There is strong language and adult situations.

When I’m with You Playlist:

“Hollow” by Tori Kelly

“In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young

“Hold Back the River” by James Bay

“Ride” by SoMo

“Reverse Cowgirl” by T-Pain

“Sleep without You” by Brett Young

“Oh, Tonight” by Josh Abbott Band

“Talking Body” by Tove Lo

“Stitches” by Shawn Mendes

“T-Shirt” by Thomas Rhett


“Pony” by Ginuwine

“Wasn’t That Drunk” by Josh Abbott Band

“Anywhere” by 112

“SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake

“Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake

“Lollipop” by Framing Henley

“Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake

“History” by One Direction

To Felicia Lynn.

Everyone should have a weird best friend like you in his or her lives.

Well, not you because you are mine and I don’t share.

They should also have the right to refuse cuddles when said best friend breaks the 5.2 second skin contact rule and/or that best friend has proven themselves to be quite handsie when sleeping.

(Spoiler alert : I’m talking about you, Felicia!)

I’m pretty sure no one will ever love me as fiercely as you do or support me as brilliantly as you do. I’ve been one hell of a lucky chick to have you by my side day in and day out.

Plus, no one could spend hours and hours sitting together writing, never speaking a word, and even a writing session feeling as if we had just spent every second of those hours talking about any and every thing.

Best friend. Best writing partner. Best don’t-touch-me sleeping buddy.

Best YOU.

I love your weird ass.

Also…Nate Reid is yours.


“I LOVE YOU,” I WHISPER, my voice coming out in a weak wheeze.

Holy crap, I can’t believe I just said that. It has to be the beer. Or as my best friend, Nikki, calls it—liquid courage.

I force my hands to stop twisting the bottom of my sundress and look up at the man before me. Not a boy, no … he is all man.

His green eyes, the ones that always make me think of sunrises and dew-covered grass, are wide with shock. The thick lips I’ve spent way too much time dreaming about are parted in shock.

In all the time I’ve put into thinking about this moment, I never thought that shock would be present. I’ve built this moment up to be perfect in my head. Nothing but innocent dreams and naïve wishes clouded this moment because of course shock is what I should have expected. But no, all I’ve longed to hear when it came to me admitting my feelings for him are much deeper than ‘just friends’ is him repeating those three words right back to me.

Oh, God … what have I done? He doesn’t feel the same. I mean I was so sure … so stupidly sure that he felt the same. That he saw me as more than a friend.

Thick panic fills me, and I know before my mouth even starts moving that I’m about to nervously ramble a string of verbal vomit that I’m powerless to stop. It never fails when I’m uncomfortable; the words come and come until I’m stopped or I slam a hand over my mouth.

Sure enough, the words rush past my dry lips as I silently scream inside my head for the earth to open up and swallow me whole. You know when the voice in your head takes over so loudly that you can’t even hear the crazy nonsense that is coming out of your mouth anymore.

“I mean … I’m in love with you. You know I love you, of course, you’re like one of my best friends, but I’m in love with you. I wasn’t going to say anything; in fact, maybe I shouldn’t have. I didn’t … I mean I don’t want this to mess things up between us. I would probably die if that happened. Well, not die, die … but I would probably feel close to death emotionally. I just wanted you … no, I needed you to know how I feel.” I finally get my mouth to stop moving long enough to take a deep breath. I feel my heart speed up and force myself to continue to hold his gaze. “Please say I didn’t just screw up big time?”

“Em,” he starts before clearing his throat. His voice is thick and deeper than normal. The plangent tones vibrating from his chest wrap around my senses, and I shiver. “Ember, where is this coming from?”

I blink. Actually, I’m pretty sure if there were such a thing as slow-motion blinking, I would be doing that right now.

How could I have been so wrong?

“It’s just … I’m making a huge mess of things, aren’t I? God, I’m so stupid.”

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