Undeniable (Bound Together Book 1)

By: LJ Baker


"All of you standing before me now…" Alexander Morgan swept his arms across the group of about twenty frightened and tattered humans, and continued in an amused English accent, "have a choice. You can live among our kind and learn your place as inferior beings, or you may die." He spat the last word out with both disgust and something that might be described as lust. A curved smile spread across his deep red lips as his eyes settled on a thin, blond girl with bright blue eyes. She was huddled close to what could have been a carbon copy of her in male form, and was surrounded by several other raggedy humans with fear in their eyes.

Alexander enjoyed their terror, probably a little too much. He never had much use for humans, even before the Great War. They were weak, easily broken creatures, who were bent on destroying themselves and the world, for the most selfish of reasons. He had been born royalty. A vampire by birth, something that was not a common occurrence. It made him special, even among other such superior beings, and he felt every bit as powerful as he was.

The small blond waif stared up at him with defiance. She was not like her friends who cowered down and avoided looking into his eyes. She met them straight on, almost daring him to take notice. His smile widened and he knew that she would provide him with continued amusement.

There was something familiar about the girl and her over-sized blue eyes, that Alexander couldn't quite place. It was enough to get his attention and make him want to know more, but at the same time, a small voice in his head warned him to keep his distance. Yet despite his better judgment, he gave in to the energy that pulled at him from her small frame and quickly scanned her mind for any recognition. He found none.

"If you follow the rules," he continued, "you may be afforded the opportunity to live. If you do not, well, let's just say you will meet with some rather unpleasant alternatives." Alexander jumped from the platform and landed right in front of the huddled blonds. "Do you intend to follow the rules?" His eyes grazed over the defiant one's body in a slow drag, imagining all the ways the two could enjoy each other's company. Her grip on the male tightened and he pulled her closer into him, as if he could hide her under his arm to keep her safe. She struggled against him, trying to be brave, but the male held her tight.

Several of the others around the pair nodded their heads in compliance and stepped back, distancing themselves. There would be no fight from them. It was a disappointment. He would have rather had a good reason to snap one or two necks right in front of the new recruits. The looks of horror on the humans faces was always enjoyable, especially from a fresh batch.

The pair of blonds stared at him, neither agreeing nor challenging, yet he could feel the girl's contempt flood over him like a warm acid bath. It would be enough to make an example of them, but he had no desire to kill her. At least not then. And he had the feeling that she would be much less fun if he killed what must surely be her sibling.

The Vampire King held a hand out to the male in a rare attempt at civility. His pale eyes widened, betraying his fear for just the slightest moment, then he reached out and took the hand, wincing in response to the crushing shake. The reaction was enough to pull Alexander's attention from the girl and enjoy the moment. He squeezed harder, dropping the human to his knees on the ground.

The blond waif stepped forward and slapped him right across the face. "Stop!"

The slight sting across his skin snapped him out of his fun and brought out a quick temper. His hand rose up to slap back in reaction, but just before he made contact, something inside him stopped. With his hand only millimeters from her pale face, he felt her breath on him, coming in fast bursts, smelled the slight scent of lilac in her hair, and sensed the outrage as it radiated off the small creature. She was like nothing he'd ever seen.

His anger softened, yet he knew he could not allow her to get away with such behavior in front of so many others. With the male still on the ground, he grabbed the girl by her hair and whipped her around into his arms. "That, was a mistake."

With his free arm he grabbed the throat of the closest standing human, an awkward male with dark hair, that covered his eyes. After making sure she was paying close attention, he snapped the male's neck and dropped him to the ground.

Her eyes widened and she took a sharp intake of air. Guilt, anger, and fear washed over her. She knew her actions had caused the boys death and it brought her a deep physical pain that made Alexander smile as he felt inside her.

Before the female's sibling could make it to his feet, Alexander's guards stepped between them, and he jumped back to the platform, still holding the girl by the hair.

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