Total D*ck (Bad Bitch #3)(9)

By: Christina Saunders

I hated him, but all the same, I wondered what he’d be like in the sack. I slid my sunglasses on and closed my eyes for a moment. He’d be on top, pounding me as hard and fast as possible, giving my clit zero attention, and thinking he was God’s gift for the entire thirty seconds. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. Definitely not worth it.

Chapter Four


Security at Rhone Industries proved to be tight, metal detectors and security guards jealously guarding the entrance. Scarlett walked ahead of me, her hips swaying in her heels. She probably didn’t even know she was doing it, but both Carey and I enjoyed the show.

Women like her always thought—mistakenly, thank God—that wearing long skirts and tops that weren’t formfitting somehow hid their curves. It had the opposite effect. Her skirt, though long, still cut across her nice ass, highlighting the roundness. Her top, though not close to her skin, still gave me plenty to look at, especially when the light hit it just right and I could make out the full curve of her breasts. Even with her hair pinned back in a severe bun and little to no makeup on, she was a looker. Perhaps I’d judged her too quickly when she visited my office?

Glancing at me over her shoulder, she had to look up to meet my eyes. Even so, I could feel the weight of her disapproval, as if she were looking down at me from the top of Stone & Porter. She thought she was too good for me. Maybe she was right. I wanted to taste her all the same.

We stopped at the elevator bank and she pressed the button for the top floor.

“Straight to the top, Scarlett?” I stood behind her, taking in her scent. It was understated but classy—floral and sweet.

“Yes. We’re meeting in the executive boardroom. Eric Stiles, the in-house head of cybersecurity, will give us the rundown of the breach.” She spoke to Carey, an easy smile playing along her lips. “I’ve already been given the rundown once, but I suspect you’ll actually understand what he’s saying.”

Carey nodded. “I’ll certainly do my best.”

She put a hand to his elbow and squeezed. “I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully.”

Wait, she actually touches men of her own free will? Why not me?

“Thanks. I won’t let you down.”

My jaw tightened as I glared at the back of Carey’s head.

Scarlett let go of his elbow as the elevator door opened. He turned around and winked at me, smiling huge. I had the sudden urge to yank him away from the elevator and make him ride separately from Scarlett and me. Maybe even take the stairs.

Instead, we all stepped in. The ride was quick, no stops, and soon we were in a large, open room that took up almost the entire top floor. It was partitioned with a few glass panels—much like the conference rooms at Stone & Porter—but the spaces were immense. Some people were at a bank of computers in one room, while several others were attending a meeting on the far side of the space.

Sure of her route, Scarlett led us around the glass maze until we came to a room with a dark-haired man inside. He looked to be in his midthirties, wore Clark Kent glasses, and had a smile ready for Scarlett.

“Good to see you again.” He rose and shook her hand before taking mine and then Carey’s.

“Eric, this is Mr. Granade, my cocounsel on this case, and this is Carey Fellowes.”

“Oh, I’ve certainly heard of you, Mr. Fellowes.” Eric’s smile faded.

Carey gave a nervous cough and studied his feet.

“What?” I asked Eric. “Is there a problem?”

“No. Eric, Carey isn’t a hacker anymore. He works for me now.” Scarlett patted Eric on the shoulder. More touching? “He’s likely going to be the one who figures out how Greenwood got our data, so treat him well.”

Eric loosened up a bit, but glanced from Scarlett to Carey and back again. “Well, I can’t do much about it. Mr. Rhone’s already told me to give you whatever you need. Not that I wouldn’t do it anyway.” His smile returned, seemingly bestowed only on Scarlett.


“Well, if that’s the case, I’d like a bottle of water, Eric.” I eased into the seat at the head of the glass conference table.

“Get it yourself, Mr. Granade.” Scarlett’s ire would have been adorable if I didn’t want to spank her for touching everyone but me. “Take the elevator one floor down, and I’m sure the receptionist there would be more than happy to attend to all your needs. While you’re getting your throat wet, the rest of us will get to work.”

I balled my hands into fists before I forced myself to relax. She was getting under my skin while all I could focus on was getting under her skirt.

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