Tiger Magic(115)

By: Jennifer Ashley

He hadn’t mate-claimed Misty, or even had sex with her. Graham had never had sex with a human before, and he feared he’d hurt her. Also, his position as leader of the Lupines in this Shiftertown—but not the overall leader of all the Shifters—was precarious. He couldn’t afford to bring in a half-human cub that might get the Shifters beneath him worried.

But her phone call had his gut churning. Graham got to his feet. “I have to go. I want you out of here by the time I get back. No more ambushes. If you want a mate, go chase some bears. They’re always horny.”

Graham turned around and walked away. The best way to show a submissive that they were submissive was to indicate you didn’t fear them jumping you the minute your back was turned. Making them know that if they did jump you, you’d stop them. Again.

His heart was hammering with worry, the wolf forgotten, as he detoured to his bedroom to grab clothes to replace the ones he’d shredded with his shift.

Graham left through the back door, mounted his motorcycle, started it, and rode noisily away from his house and Shiftertown.

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