By: Victoria Ashley

“I won’t be,” he says. “The author pays for the shoot. She’s already given me all the details and ideas that she has in her head. She’s too busy to be there, so it will just be the two of us.”

“Okay. Yeah. We can shoot in my apartment.”

He shakes his head. “We’ll do it in mine.” He looks down at my tight clothing as I stand up. “And wear something comfortable. You might find yourself in some odd positions.”

I laugh a little at his choice of words. “I’m sure I have something.” I pause for a second while wondering if he’s going to assign me with a female or male trainer. I’m kind of hoping for a female so there’s less awkwardness. “What’s my trainer’s name?”

“Kyan Wilder.” A smirk appears on his face as I watch him. “Come.”

I’d love to . . .

He opens the door and starts walking out, so I follow behind him. He stops to encourage a few men that seem to keep their eyes on me as we pass. We finally stop in front of another door and he opens it for me to walk in. The lights are already on, so he just closes the door behind us and locks it.

Walking over to a small stereo, he turns it on and starts talking. “I’m going to begin with an easy workout to get you started. The last thing I want to do is scare you off on the first day.” He smiles at me and I swear one of his dimples melts me on the spot.

He steps up behind me and places his thumbs in between my shoulder blades, massaging my back. “Spread your legs a little,” he whispers in my ear. I do as he says. “Perfect.” His breath brushes my neck, causing a shiver to run up my spine. “Do twenty squats. Keep your shoulders straight.”

I face toward the wall of mirrors and do as he says. I can’t help but to notice him biting his bottom lip as he watches me. It’s almost as if he’s tasting me with his intense stare.

“Watch yourself when you move, Calla, not me. See how you control your body.”

I pull my eyes away from him and watch myself in the mirror, feeling slightly hot from the way he demands control.

He takes me through four different exercises, doing counts of twenty each, three different times, before he switches it up and ends it with jumping rope for five minutes and holding a plank for one minute.

By the time he is done with me I’m covered in sweat and my legs are so wobbly that I feel like I’m going to walk into a wall and smash my face into the mirror. What a sight that would be . . .

I’m standing here, trying to catch my breath, when Kyan appears in front of me with a water bottle. “Drink.”

I grab it from him and begin to drink it. I notice him watching me with a smile when I pull the bottle away. Yes I’m aware of the water that is covering the front of my face and chest, but is it polite to make it known that you notice? I just worked my ass off. I’m hot.

With a confidence in his step, he closes the distance between us and grabs the back of my neck, looking down into my eyes. “You look beyond sexy when you’re wet, Calla. I would love to lick every last drop of water from your body.” He runs his tongue over his bottom lip and hovers his mouth above mine. “Are you free tomorrow for the shoot?”

Fighting to catch my breath and not fall over, I shake my head. “No. I have a gig tomorrow. I’m not free till Monday.”

“Perfect,” he says. “I’ll see you then.”

Then, just like that, he unlocks the door and walks away, leaving me breathless and desiring his touch.

Stupid gym bag guy . . .

I HAD TO WALK AWAY when I did. I was more than tempted to kiss her and lick the mixture of water and sweat from her neck and breasts. I can’t do that yet, not until I know that she’s willing to keep things solely on a sexual level. I want to please her . . . not hurt her. Until then, I’ll keep my hands off of her beautiful body.

Mitch, one of my personal trainers, comes into my office as I’m closing down my computer and grabbing for my things. He watches me carefully before speaking. “Are you done for the day?”

I look up as I shove Calla’s paperwork into my bag. “Yeah. I think you and Erica have it. You have three employees coming in at noon and another three at four. You know where to reach me.”

He follows me out of my office as I close it behind me and lock it. “Were you doing personal training back there?”

“Yeah.” My eyes linger toward the back room to see Calla walking through the gym, checking out the equipment. I feel bad for not taking the time to show her around, but I can’t be around her too much until I can touch her. It’s too painful, physically.

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