By: Victoria Ashley

“The gym,” I mutter.

I remember everything about the night. It was really the last beer that put me over the edge. Then my head started spinning and I got really tired.

“Shit. So much for a good first impression.” I grip onto the sink and roll my eyes. “Laying on the pool table. Nice job,” I groan.

The best thing I can do right now is run a nice, warm shower and relax as the water massages my skin. That sounds so good right now.

I stand here for a second, trying to remember where I stuck the box of towels and shampoo. The only thing I unpacked last night when first arriving was a small box filled with a few rolls of toilet paper, our toothbrushes, and tampons. Just in case . . .

I spend the next twenty minutes searching for the stuff I need for a shower and a fresh set of clothing. I have a few pairs of yoga pants and some tank tops that will be appropriate for the gym, so I settle on those before turning on the shower water.

The water comes out hard and fast. “Oh thank goodness!” I squeal while quickly stripping myself of my clothing. The last apartment had shitty water pressure, making it impossible to enjoy a damn shower. I’ve never been so excited over a shower in my entire life.

Closing my eyes, I moan as I step under the water and slide the glass door shut behind me. I turn and let the water beat down on my upper back. It hurts, but feels good at the same time. I stand here, enjoying the feel of the hot water as the room starts to fill with steam.

I’m in the shower for over thirty minutes, never wanting to get out. I just feel so refreshed and relaxed. I could seriously stay in here all day; that is until Tori starts pounding on the door and yelling at me to get out. Damn whore. She always ruins everything, but I love her. Did I mention that?

“Fine!” I scream from the shower. “Calm your tits and give me two minutes.”

When I walk out of the bathroom Tori is standing there doing a pee dance. She practically growls at me before rushing into the bathroom. She doesn’t even bother to close the door.

“Oh my God.” She lets out a satisfied sigh. “I had to pee so bad.”

She flushes and walks out of the bathroom, watching me as I hold my towel together. “When did you get home last night?” She kicks a few boxes on her way to the kitchen. “You were still gone when we fell asleep and you didn’t answer your phone. I sent Brad downstairs to find you and he said you were playing pool with some guy.”

I try to hide my smile as she fights her way into a box and pulls out a glass. “Yeah,” I say nonchalantly, trying to conceal my excitement. “I don’t think I was gone that long. Maybe two hours or less.”

Twirling my wet hair in my hand, I turn for my bedroom.

“Whoa. That’s it?” I hear the faucet turn off before the sound of her feet on the wood flooring. “You were playing pool with some guy and I don’t even get any details?” She stops in front of me. “Was he cute? Did you kiss? What did he smell like? I mean . . . these details are very important.”

“Yes, no, and very delicious.” I side step around Tori and stop in my doorway. “I’m going down the street to check out that gym: Wilder Fitness. Do you want to come? I think I’m finally going to look into a personal trainer.”

“Sounds tempting—having a personal trainer at least. Working out . . . not so much. I’ll pass.” She smiles devilishly when Brad calls her name from the bedroom. “I have all the workout I need, chica.”

“Thank goodness. I’m leaving then.”

I STAND OUTSIDE OF WILDER Fitness, looking through the glass at all of the people working out. Practically all of the equipment is in use and it’s only ten in the morning. That’s insane. I’ve never seen such a busy gym before.

I suddenly feel a little nauseous. I don’t mind other people seeing me work out, but when you have to stand around and wait for equipment, you start to get noticed. What if I use something wrong? That wouldn’t be embarrassing in the slightest.

I do a weird little shake, letting my nerves roll through me. “Just think—firm thighs and butt. Firm thighs . . . and butt.”

“Good pep talk.”

I freeze to the familiar sound of the deep voice behind me. Kyan . . . Mr. Sexy as sin.

He reaches for the door and pulls it open, before smiling and nodding for me to enter. “Glad to see that you’re awake. Come on.”

I smile, remembering how lousy I felt this morning before my shower. “It was a struggle. I won’t lie. But I made it.”

I walk under his arm and into the gym. All I can hear are the sounds of heavy breathing and music. My nose instantly gets assaulted with the smell of sweat, but then gets hit with the sexy smell of Kyan as he grabs my hand and pulls me along behind him.

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