By: Victoria Ashley

“Alright. Let’s get your beautiful ass to your apartment so you can sleep it off.” He leans in closer until our lips are almost brushing. “And by the way . . . you won.” He smirks. “I only had six beers. I was going to cut you off at this one.” Pulling me up, he picks me up and places me over his shoulder, wrapping his arm tightly beneath my ass. “Let’s go.”

My head spins when he stands up straight, causing me to reach out for something to hold onto. My breath hitches in my throat when I realize that it’s his muscular ass. It feels delicious through his workout pants and I feel myself grabbing on tighter.

I hear him let out a small growl as I squeeze it at the exact moment he starts walking me out of the bar and toward the front desk. Once we stop at the desk, he asks the young girl which room I live in.

I’m surprised that without hesitation she tells him. Shouldn’t she be asking some sort of questions or something? Good thing he’s not some maniac serial killer.

Wait . . .

I place my hands on his back and push up once we step into the elevator. “Are you a serial killer?”

He lets out an amused laugh before setting me down to my feet and pinning me against the wall to help me keep steady. He tilts his head. “No. Are you?”

“If I were?”

His eyes look down, stopping on my lips. “Then I’d be happy to die from the hands of the sexiest serial killer to walk this earth.”

The elevator dings, causing us both to look over.

He bites his bottom lip again before wrapping his arm around my waist and walking me to my door.

“Your key?”

I start to panic. “Oh crap! It’s in my wallet. I left it . . .”

He digs into his back pocket and pulls out my wallet. “I got you, babe.”

Looking at me, he reaches in my wallet for my key. Then he closes my wallet and unlocks the door.

Before I can think, he has me in his arms again as he pushes the door open and starts walking inside. Next thing I know, I’m lying on my bed.

I sit up and watch as he sets my wallet on my dresser. “How do you know this is my room?”

He flashes a dimpled smile. “Because the door was opened. You said you had a roommate so I assumed the closed one was hers.” He runs his hand through his hair. “Goodnight, Calla.”

Then, just like that, he turns and walks away, leaving me grinning like a maniac. My head spins again and that’s when I take it as my cue to shut up and sleep.

Kyan . . . the sexy guy with a gym bag and firm ass. Holy wet dreams . . .

CLOSING THE DOOR TO ROOM 629 behind me, I jog to the elevator when I notice Ryder holding it open for me.

“Hey, man.” He pokes his head out of the elevator and looks down the hall as I step inside. After a second, he pulls his head back in and allows the door to close. “Did you just come from those hot chicks’ apartment? The new ones?”

“Yeah,” I say stiffly, already knowing what he’s getting at. “And the blonde already has a boyfriend, so don’t even bother.”

The elevator comes to a stop and I walk out without another word. All Ryder is about is partying and sleeping with every chick that he finds to be hot in this building. I mean I’m down for some fun, but not with any and every girl I can find. There has to be something about her that’s worth more than one fuck.

I may not know Calla, but the hour I spent with her is enough for me to want more of her. I don’t do relationships, not anymore. I don’t have the time nor have I had the desire to be tied down to one girl, but to be honest, if she wanted me to pleasure her I definitely wouldn’t turn her away.

That tight little body of hers deserves every lick of pleasure that my tongue can give her. Being a bit of a bachelor, I’ve had the time and energy to learn a thing or two the normal guy wouldn’t be comfortable with giving a woman, or either just doesn’t know how.

Remembering that I left my gym bag at the bar, I stride down the hall, nodding to a few drunken women as they pass, eyeing me up.

Dane takes notice of me as soon as I enter the room and is quick to grab my bag and set it on the bar for me. “Here you go, boss man.” Giving me a curious look, he slides me a shot of whiskey. “Is Calla cool? She seemed a bit out of it when you carried her out of here.”

I give him a nod before grabbing my shot and tilting it back. “She’s good. Looks like she doesn’t get adventurous very often.”

“I’m sure that will change soon. Just wait until Hunter gets back.”

I pull out a twenty and throw it down for a tip. “Yeah, I’m sure Hunter will have his fun. He always does.”

Grabbing my bag, I slide it over my shoulder and stand here, letting my thoughts get the best of me. I steel my jaw and give Dane a tight nod. “I’m out, man.”

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