By: Victoria Ashley

Once I get down to the bar, my mouth is practically watering by the time I sit down and wave the attractive bartender over.

Out of breath, the bartender smiles while leaning over the bar. “What can I get you . . . ?”

I smile and give him what he’s looking for. “Calla.”

He pulls his hand through his messy, blonde hair and grabs for an empty glass. “What can I get you, Calla?”

Pulling out my wallet, I open it to my ID and set it down in front of me while thinking. “I was in the wine kind of mood, but . . . maybe I’ve changed my mind.” I glance down at the drink menu in front of me and point at something blue. “I’m going to be adventurous tonight. Give me that.” I pause to look up at his nametag. “Dane.”

Dane lets out a small laugh while making a face. “Alright, Ms. Adventurous. One of those coming right up.”

I’m caught up in running my fingers through my thick, blonde hair, to get some kind of fuzz out, when I hear the stool next to me scrape against the floor as it’s pulled out from the bar.

Ignoring it, I continue to pick at my hair, fighting it. “What the hell are you? Get out,” I grunt.

A deep chuckle causes me to pause. “Am I getting kicked out already? I haven’t even done anything yet. Oh, and I’m a man by the way. I thought that part was pretty clear.”

I push out a small laugh and shake my head. “Are you sure about that?” I tease. Gripping onto the bar, I start to spin my stool around to get a look at this man. “Anyone can have a . . .”

My words catch in my throat and I almost fall back when my eyes set on the man beside me. He’s definitely all man; the sexiest kind that there is. Holy shit. I must have done something good today. Talk about being rendered speechless.

I quickly compose myself and clear my throat before continuing. “A deep voice.” I swallow and look up to meet his face. “And a perfect, masculine jawline with just the right amount of stubble.” My eyes trail lower to see his broad chest being hugged by a white shirt. “A firm chest and . . .” My eyes are going lower. Why are they going lower? “Um . . . a nice package.” I nod my head, turning red as I realize that I just admitted that all aloud. “Definitely all man. Well this is awkward.”

Giving me a sexy smirk, he nods at Dane as he sets my drink down in front of me.

“Here you are, Ms. Adventurous. Enjoy.” Dane winks before looking beside me at the sexy man that is now placing a gym bag down by his feet. “A draft tonight, Kyan?”

“Absofuckinglutely.” He smiles at me, keeping his eyes on mine as he continues to speak to Dane. He has such a powerful gaze that I find my eyes locked tight with his amber ones. “Make it two.”

“Sure thing, man.” He slaps the bar and walks away to fetch two beers.

Pulling my eyes away, I reach out faster than I’ve ever moved in my life and reach for the blue drink. Kyan—I guess his name is—carefully watches me as I down half of it without stopping for a breath. When you feel like a fool . . . you drink. Fast. Very fast.

“You’re new here, Ms. Adventurous.” He raises an eyebrow, watching me as I finally pull away from my drink that tastes just like juice. So much for being adventurous. “Is that your real name or just due to that really strong drink you’ve got there?”

Focusing on his gorgeous, carefree smile, I start to relax and feel more at ease. “It’s due to my drink, though sadly it doesn’t live up to it.” I feel my eyes wandering over his body again, taking in his tattooed, muscular arm. His right arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos, while the other one looks to be clean and firm. He must workout really hard at that gym. “My name is Calla.”

He digs his teeth into his bottom lip and blindly scoots one of the beers in front of me and one in front of him as Dane drops them off. “Calla,” he says smoothly. “That’s a sexy name. I could definitely get used to moaning that out.”

Oh my . . . what! My heart begins to beat rapidly while trying to pry my eyes away from his sexy as sin mouth. How are his lips so full and smooth? Would I get in trouble for licking them? Yes, Calla! Really? “Is that some kind of pick up line?” I ask, somewhat hoping that it is.

He takes a swig of his beer, looking at me over the rim. When he pulls his beer away, a sexy grin is taking over his mouth. “Nah, I’ve never said that before. Just stating the truth.”

Now I’m the one pulling my bottom lip into my mouth. Turning away, I reach for the beer in front of me. “Is this supposed to be my adventure?”

He stands up. “Sure. If you can keep up with me.”

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