The Way I Like It

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

The Soldiers of Wrath MC , #5

Chapter One

Striker stared around Dominion, and for the first time since he’d been coming to the club, he was bored. He looked across the club and nothing inspired him. Zeke was nowhere to be found, and he imagined he was with Alessandria. Ever since that fucker had gone and fallen in love, he was rarely seen at the club.

“Can I help you, baby?”

He turned to see one of the waitresses standing by his table.

“No, babe. I’m good.”

Why had he come here? He couldn’t find any kind of release, nor would it ease the darkness within his soul.

Taking a sip of the strong whiskey, he stood and made his way toward the private backrooms where the real action was displayed. He held his drink tightly against him and entered one of the rooms that had a glass similar to an interrogation rooms where he was able to observe, but those being observed didn’t know he was there.

Two men stood on either side of a woman, one fucking her ass, the other her mouth. From what he saw of her body, she was covered in red welts.

Saliva dripped down her chin, and the guy who was taking her ass was slick with her cream. The sight was dirty, raw, and damn fucking sexy. His cock stayed flaccid. He loved it when a woman accepted a good fucking and relished the feel of a man’s cock inside her body, no matter what hole he used.

It had been a long time since he’d fucked a woman who wanted to take it without getting paid first. He wasn’t an idiot, and he knew the women at Zeke’s club were not just there because they wanted to; they were paid to be there. When they came onto him, and accepted his dick, it was a pay day to them.

He stared at the woman getting fucked by the two men in the other room, and he knew she wasn’t there just for money. She belonged to the two men who were claiming her.

What the fuck was happening to him? He was turning into some kind of pussy, and it fucking annoyed him. More and more men from the Soldiers of Wrath were finding their soul mates, and he wasn’t talking all hearts and flowers; they really were. Demon had Deanna, Joker claimed Amy, and even that fucker Steel had a woman, Eloise. Shakes and Daniella were together, against all the odds. Zeke had been determined to kill Shakes for taking his only daughter.

Everyone around him was proving that happiness could be found, but he knew there was no happiness for a sick, sadistic bastard like him.

Drinking the last of his whiskey, he suddenly lost his appetite for fucking, and for being at Dominion. Exiting the private room, he placed the glass on a waitresses serving tray, and made his way out of the back of the club. He wasn’t in the mood anymore.

As he stepped out of the club, Zeke and Alessandria were arriving. Striker wasn’t surprised as he watched Zeke open the door and help Alessandria out of the car. Zeke didn’t stop there, he placed his hand on her hip, holding her as they moved toward the entrance that was also Striker’s exit.

“You’re leaving?” Zeke asked, making his way toward him.

“It’s not my scene right now.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and stared at the two.

“Not your scene?”

“I’ve got to head out.” Nodding at both Zeke and Alessandria, he made his way toward the bike he’d parked in an alleyway. Climbing on, he fired up the engine and took off toward the Soldiers of Wrath clubhouse. Even riding his bike didn’t release any of the tension building within him. He was damn bored with everything.

Life was just a straight line, no happiness or love, and just plain old crap day in, and day out.

The ride was over before it even began, and he parked his bike along with the rest of his brothers. Climbing off, he ran fingers through his hair, and simply stared around at the one place he belonged.

Fuck, what was going on with him?

He was turning into some kind of pussy, thinking about where he belonged.

“What brings you back to the club so early?” Weasel asked. The brother was smoking a joint and getting his dick sucked by a club whore.

“I’ve got nowhere else to be.”

Weasel glanced down at the dyed blonde’s head. “You can have a go after me, if you want? We’re filling her up with cum and making her all kinds of nasty.”

“It’s hard to fill her up with cum when you’re always bagging your dick.”

Weasel placed the joint between his lips and wrapped her hair around his fist. He tugged her head off and slammed into her mouth. “I’m not bagged right now, and she’s going to swallow every single drop. She’s already sucked four of the brothers. I wonder how long it will be before she’s full with our cum. Wonder if it’s fattening or laced with calories.”

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