The Sweetest Love

By: Victoria Wells


Eighteen-year-old Adam West didn’t have to do much convincing to get his latest conquest right where he wanted her. The frisky seventeen-year-old inched closer, stroking the bulge in his jeans, encouraging Adam’s roaming hands as he suckled the soft flesh on her neck.

“Mmm… Adam,” the young girl moaned as his hand slid under her skirt. The warm touch of his hand easing its way toward her crotch caused her to shudder in delight.

The horny teenager had hit the jackpot. Yes! he shouted to himself as she widened her legs giving him full access to her goodies. A few more strokes of his fingertips and she’d be wiggling out of her panties.


Abigail West put her finger to her lips, motioning to her best friend to be quiet. Spying on her big brother and his girlfriends had become the ten-year-olds’ favorite pastime. Tonight was no different as they crouched down behind a loveseat, peeping around its side.

“Ewwwww! That’s nasty!” Abigail and Roxanna squealed in childlike disgust as they watched Adam slide his tongue into the teenage girl’s mouth. No way would they let some dirty boy touch them or kiss them! Yuk!

Giggling, the girls ducked behind their protective barrier as if doing so would make them invisible.

Adam and his date, startled by the girls’ outburst, immediately broke contact, their eyes nervously searching the room as they straightened rumpled clothing.

Irritation crept up Adam’s neck as he stalked over to the direction of his bratty sister and her annoying friend. Ever since the girl became friends with Abigail, she had become another thorn in his side, a nuisance. Every time he turned around they were underfoot.

Why did his parents always have to play good Samaritans? Why did they think it was their responsibility to take in the little stray? It wasn’t his family’s problem that her single mother worked a second job on the weekends, and had nowhere else to dump her annoying kid.

Adam had had enough of the brats’ interference. Glaring down at the ten-year-olds, he felt justified in the long overdue fury he was gearing up to unleash.

While their parents were out on a movie date, he had given them explicit instructions to stay upstairs in Abigail’s room. His thought had been without them in his face, he’d get to second base. And if he got really lucky, he’d be sliding into third base before his parents got home.

There was plenty for them to do. His sister was spoiled rotten to the core. She had everything at her disposal– a television, video games, Barbie dolls, collectible dolls, and a ton of board games to keep them occupied. But having all of that junk wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. She and her nuisance of a friend had to be spying on him, minding his business.

“What the hell are you doing down here? I told you to stay in your room!” Adam angrily bellowed.

Abigail’s and Roxanna’s eyes became as wide as saucers as they looked at each other, stunned. Adam knew better than to say bad words. He was going to be in big trouble. Abigail was going to make sure of it.

“Ooh! I’m telling Momma and Daddy you cussing!” Abigail whined as she stood up, defiantly crossing her arms over her chest. To get further on her brother’s nerves she threatened, “And I’m telling you got that girl over here, too! Momma said you couldn’t have no company!”

Roxanna remained on the floor, shrinking back from Adam’s wrath. She knew he didn’t like her much from the way he always cut his eyes at her or grumbled “hello” whenever she spoke to him. However, she had never seen him so angry. His dark, angry eyes flashed as if he wanted to throw the both of them out the second floor window head first.

Shrinking further into the corner, Roxanna wished Abby would just keep quiet so he can stop yelling. He was really scaring her.

“Shut up, Abby! I’m sick of you and your little friend up in my face all the time! You should have stayed upstairs like I told you!”

He was so pissed he didn’t care that his sister was a little snitch and would follow through on her threats. An infraction he was sure would get him a lengthy lecture and strip him of driving privileges for the next two weeks. The latter punishment mentally tipped him over the edge.

Turning his wrath on Roxanna, he sneered, “Don’t you have somewhere else to go?” Breathing heavily, anger seeping from his pores, Adam continued to vent. “Why do you always have to come over here? I’m sick of seeing you in my house you stupid brat!”

Paralyzed, Roxanna was too afraid to move as tears welled up in her eyes. She wanted her mommy.

The petrified gaze the small child wore only infuriated him more. “Get out of here!” he roared, his hands balled up in tight fists at his side.

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