The Sheikh's Heir(56)

By: Sharon Kendrick

‘And our marriage will not fail,’ he declared softly.

‘No, it won’t—because we won’t let it fail,’ she agreed shakily. ‘We will learn from all the mistakes our parents made and we will give Rihana the kind of childhood that neither of us knew.’

His lips were passionate as he claimed hers in a kiss far deeper than any kiss he’d ever known. It was about more than passion and maybe about even more than love. It was about understanding and forgiving. About commitment and sharing. About making a happy home for the little girl who lay sleeping in her crib.

Bobby Jackson had christened his daughter Cinderella because he’d wanted her to marry a prince and somehow his rather ambitious dream had come true.

But Ella and Hassan had very different aspirations for their little girl, and that was why Rihana’s middle name was Hope.

* * * * *

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