The Playboy's Proposal (Sorensen Family)(81)

By: Ashlee Mallory

He dropped his arm so that both their hands rested, still entwined, over his heart. “You wouldn’t be taking anything away. You know your family would want to share in this news with us. And maybe I can finally get your brothers to tone down the defense any time we play ball.”

But he was smiling as he said this, especially since she had caught Henry throwing out a few moves of his own the last time, something that had earned a slight smile from even the ever-stoic Cruz. Henry was really enjoying having this new family as much as they were enjoying having a new punching bag.

The alarm, set for seven, went off, and Henry hit it with his free hand.

She breathed in a sigh. “I guess I should probably get in the shower. My day is going to be packed with all of those extra patients.”

Patients that came from Luke’s wide list, since, as of a month ago, he’d decided to go on another stint with Doctors Without Borders and needed to distribute those patients among the rest of the doctors in the practice. Not that she wouldn’t miss him, even if it had been awkward in those initial couple of weeks after their talk, when he learned that Henry might have been more than just a golf instructor after all. But he’d taken it remarkably well and, in fact, had become a good friend.

“Would you like some company?” Henry asked and gave her a devilish grin.

“Not a chance. You’d only make me late,” she said, although she made no move to get up from her cozy spot pressed up against Henry. “Besides, you have your own meeting to get to. Aren’t you presenting the big campaign to the AirPro folks?”

“Not until after lunch. Which, if you recall, I’m having with my sister. Is it safe for me to tell at least her about our engagement?”

“Absolutely.” Benny couldn’t be more excited to make Morgan and Ella a permanent part of her family as well, having spent a lot of time with them both. And Paul, whether he’d admit it or not, was a tiny bit smitten with Ella, which was adorable. “Maybe she and Ella can come for dinner tonight, if they’re free.”

“I’ll let her know.”

They both were quiet, neither making any move to get up.

This was where she always wanted to be. She closed her eyes, savoring the moment. A couple seconds later, Henry was nuzzling her neck and she smiled.

He was really going to make it hard to get up and going.

“You sure you want to go take a shower right now?” he asked.

The swirling in her stomach said no. She hesitated, and Henry pressed his advantage home when he deepened his kiss, knowing just how she’d react.

“Maybe…maybe I might have just a little time after all.”

“Babe, we have all the time in the world.”

And with this man in her life, loving her so sweetly and honestly, she couldn’t ask for anything more.

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