The Hazards of Sex on the Beach(9)

By: Alyssa Rose Ivy

“You might not want to be with him anymore, but you can’t push away over a year of memories that quickly.”

“How’d you get so sage? You sound like you’re forty.”

“Too much time with my uncle, I guess.” He cracked a smile. “You going to be okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I started toward my steps. “Thanks for the walk home. Tell Juliet and Mallory good night for me.”

“I will. See you around.”

“See ya.” I half waved before heading inside.

I made small talk with a few girls before finding my way up to my empty room. After a quick shower, I got changed and slipped into bed. I closed my eyes and thought about a sandy beach and a sexy guy I’d never see again.

Chapter Three

Juliet was true to her word, and she brought Mallory with her. They were back in the room twenty minutes before I had to leave for class.

“You guys didn’t have to stop by here. I know it means you got up earlier.”

“You’re worth sacrificing sleep over.” Juliet changed into a pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.

I was wearing something nearly identical. I generally dressed up more for class, but I wasn’t feeling it. There didn’t seem to be any point.

My change in class attire didn’t go unnoticed.

“Didn’t you pick up that new sweater dress right before break? Have you worn it yet?” Mallory shoved some books in her tote bag.

“Nope, but I’m not in the mood to dress up. We’d better get going.”

“We have plenty of time.” Juliet exchanged looks with Mallory. Had I been that way when they were going through issues? I hoped not.

“And before you ask, I’m not going on Thursday, but you guys should.” I’d forced myself to forget about the Kappa mixer until I heard some of my sisters discussing it in the bathroom. There wasn’t a chance I was going.

“Obviously none of us will go. Do you want to do a girl’s night out? A movie night?”

“You guys both need to go.”

Mallory shook her head. “Not a chance.”

“You’re going.”

“Whatever you say.” They exchanged looks again.

I slung my bag over my shoulder. “Are you both on the main quad?”

“Yeah. You’re stuck with us for the whole walk.” Mallory linked her arm with mine. “Whether you like it or not.”

I laughed. “I like it.”

We headed toward the academic quad, stopping to pick up some coffee on the way. I waved goodbye to both of my roommates before walking toward the doorway of the history building. I’d decided to add some European history into my schedule.

“Cara, hey.” Aaron appeared out of nowhere, blocking my entry.

My mouth went dry, and I couldn’t speak. My chest tightened in a painful way, and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I attempted to step around him. He reached for my arm, but I pulled it away.

He pretended not to notice the way I recoiled from his touch. “It’s good to see you. I’ve been so worried.”

Worried? I finally regained the ability to speak. “I have to go.”

“Come on. Just give me a few minutes. We need to talk.”

“I can’t be late.”

“Get off that, Cara. This is more important than a history class.”

Something suddenly dawned on me. “How’d you know I had class here now?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it does.” Annoyance and anger replaced the ache in my chest. “It definitely matters.”

“I know people who work at the Registrar Office. You weren’t answering my calls.”

“I didn’t answer your calls, so it seemed okay to show up outside my classroom?” Seeing him was even worse than I expected. The sight of him brought back all the hurt and anger tenfold.

A group of guys walked over, forcing Aaron to step back. I followed them directly inside.

“Cara, come on!”

I resisted the urge to turn back. There wasn’t a chance in the world I was letting him make me late for class.

Aaron texted me while I was in class, telling me to meet him for lunch. I ignored it, relieved that the proposed meet-up meant he probably wouldn’t be waiting outside the building. When I didn’t show up for lunch, he’d hopefully get the clue that I wasn’t interested in making up. He’d had his chance with me, and he blew it.


Aaron texted me three times when I failed to show up for lunch, but then the texts stopped. I took it as a sign that he was giving up, but I was still on my guard. Seeing Aaron sent such a surge of pain through me that I wasn’t sure I could handle it happening again.

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