The Hazards of Sex on the Beach(5)

By: Alyssa Rose Ivy

“Yes. He knows how amazing you are.”

“I left some stuff in Aaron’s room. Could you get it for me? I don’t want to go over there or see his bed ever again.”

“Already done. I wondered where your extra phone charger went.”

I felt a weight lift off me. Getting my stuff was one of the things I was dreading most. “Thanks so much.”

“Not a problem. I did it right after kicking him in the groin. Now that was the more fun part.”

“What?” I nearly swerved into the shoulder of the road, but I corrected at the last second. “You didn’t.”

“Oh yes I did. And when he screamed like a baby, Reed told him to man up because his actions were anything but that of a man.”

“Wow. Crazy.”

“Mallory was mad I got to him first, but she did slap him.”

I smiled picturing my other roommate pouting because Juliet beat her to the punch. “I have the best friends.”

“Because you’re a great one. I can’t wait to see you. I promise it’s all going to be okay.” Juliet’s words hit home even more than my mother’s. Maybe it was because she was going to be there with me. Facing Aaron was going to be hard no matter how I did it, but it would be much easier to do with my friends at my side.

“I know it is, plus I did something crazy the other night. I have to tell you about it.”

“Oh?” Her voice lilted. I had her attention.

“It involves a hot guy, and I don’t even know his last name.”

“Cara!” She shrieked.

“What? What did she do?” I heard Mallory in the background. I hadn’t realized she was there, but I didn’t mind. The three of us generally told each other everything. I hoped they weren’t too annoyed at me for avoiding their calls for the past few weeks.

“I’ll tell you guys later. I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay. See ya, Cara.”

“We love you!” Mallory yelled.

I smiled as I turned toward campus.

Juliet and Mallory were waiting on the front porch of our sorority house when I arrived. A spot right out front was open—making me immediately suspicious. Suspicious or not, I wasn’t going to pass by the space. Juliet ran down the steps and yanked open my door before I’d even cut the engine. “You’re here!”

I unbuckled. “Who did you boot from this spot to save it for me?”

“No one. I left my truck there until you called.” Mallory smiled. “That’s why it was so easy to park. Your car’s half the size of mine.”

Without waiting, my roommates pulled out my bags from the back and started walking toward the house.

I grabbed my remaining bags and followed. I’d definitely over packed for the month long break. Juliet keyed in the code and held open the door.

We walked straight through the living room where I was given quite a few sympathetic looks from my sisters. Clearly, the news had spread. I smiled as brightly as possible and headed upstairs.

I followed the girls into our room. “Uh, what’s that?” I pointed to a giant brown teddy bear with a blue bow lying on my bed.

“We figured you might need someone to cuddle with. He’s cute, big, but he won’t snore or come with any annoying baggage.”

I laughed. “You guys are crazy.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Now spill.” Juliet sat down on my bed, snuggling my new bear against her.

“Hey. You have someone to snuggle with.” I pulled it back and sat on my bed, leaning back on the pillows covered in pale pink pillow cases.

Juliet crossed her arms. “Fine, but tell us about this guy.”

“This guy with no last name.” Mallory sat down by my feet. She had her long brown hair pulled back in a braid. It was a different look for her.

“Love the hair, and he does have a last name, I just don’t know it.”

“And? What happened with this guy?”

I took a deep breath. “I had sex with him… on the beach.”

“What?” They both shrieked.

Mallory’s eyes gaped open. “Please tell me you used protection.”

“Of course, and remember that you hooked up with Colt on a whim.” I clearly remembered Mallory sharing the details of her one night stand. Of course, her hookup became a relationship and mine wouldn’t. I hadn’t even given Chase my number.

“I’ve known Colt forever.”

“Don’t bother starting in on Dylan.” Juliet cringed when she said her ex’s name. She’d hooked up with her long time crush while skinny dipping. My story may have even beaten hers.

“Well, I did it. The sex was incredible, and he was the complete opposite of my type, and I just walked away.”

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