The Hazards of Sex on the Beach(3)

By: Alyssa Rose Ivy

He reached over and pulled my long sleeve t-shirt over my head. “Can you blame me? I haven’t been with a blonde, and I haven’t been with a girl with a set of breasts like yours.”

“How would you know? You haven’t even seen them yet.” Teasing Chase came naturally. I’d never teased a guy. They were usually teasing me.

“That’s a really good point.” He reached around me and unclasped my bra before tossing it onto the sand.

For a brief second, I thought about the intelligence of what I was doing. Fooling around with a guy right out in the open was pretty crazy—but that’s what made it so much hotter. Any doubts disappeared as he covered my breasts with his hand and mouth.

I moaned, leaning my head back in pleasure. The cold only made me more sensitive, and I couldn’t get enough of his touch. He bit down lightly on my nipple before laying his head back to look at me. “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” His free hand captured the breast his mouth had just released.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself.” I leaned down, tracing lines across his chest. He was muscular and toned in just the right way.

“I thought I was hot.” He squeezed my breasts, as if to get my attention.

“You are. If you weren’t, would I be lying here topless with you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you’re not that concerned with looks.”

“You think your sparkling personality is enough?” I worked on his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

He grinned. “You think I’m letting you take that out in the cold?”

“Would you really say no to me right now?”

“I’d probably get in that water if it meant keeping you happy.” He undid my button and zipper, brushing his hand gently across my cotton panties.

“Only probably?” I ran a hand through my hair, watching to see if that motion did its usual trick.

He moved from under me long enough to discard his pants. I took care of his boxer briefs myself. Before I could take care of my own remaining clothing, he had me pinned down on the sand as he slid them off me.

He kissed me hard on the mouth before moving his lips down to leave kisses all over my body. At the same time, his hand moved between my legs. A light breeze stung, but it was nothing compared to the sensation of his mouth and hand. I reached up and grabbed him.

“Don’t read into the fact that I have a condom in my wallet.” He fished one out and unwrapped it, all while keeping most of his body hovering above me to block the wind.

“We’re about to have sex on the beach. I kind of assumed you had one.”

His laugh died out as he kissed me again, this time with more hunger. “Here’s to ending my blonde virginity.” He thrust into me, and I gasped.

His lips moved to my neck as he continued to thrust. The sand was hard and uncomfortable beneath me, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was the guy on top of me—and inside me.

“Chase.” I tested out saying his name again now that I knew how it felt to have our bodies connected.

He grunted and continued to move faster and harder. I wrapped my legs around him, wanting him closer. I held onto his back with one hand while I buried the other in his dark brown hair. My body responded so well to his, everything felt hot and right, and then I felt out of control. I held on tighter. I’d never felt so aroused and euphoric in my life.

“Cara.” He groaned my name before his entire body shuddered. He stayed on top of me for a second before rolling off.

“Wow.” I quickly got dressed, unable to get the grin off my face. After a year and a half with Aaron, I’d never had sex that good. Chase was still lying on the sand watching me.

I bent down and kissed him on the lips. “Thanks, Chase. Great meeting you.” I wasn’t going to ruin a good thing by making him awkwardly attempt to let me down easy. I took matters into my own hands.

“Wait.” He struggled into his clothes. “Aren’t you going to give me your number?”


He buttoned his pants. “Because we just had sex. Hot sex might I add.”

“Which is why we’ll leave it that way. I’ll always be your first blonde.” I blew him a kiss before running back toward the party. I checked my phone. No missed call from Gabriella. Maybe she hadn’t even noticed I was missing.

I walked back inside the house, hopping into line for the restroom. I was positive I looked like a complete mess.

“There you are!” Gabriella grabbed my arm and jumped into line next to me. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

I tried to compose myself. “Where’s your friend?”

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