The Fighter's Secretary(8)

By: Ann Mayburn

“Now, there are two ways I could handle this. I could call the police, file a report, and turn over the video to them as evidence.”

She let out a little moan of despair and he made a hushing noise.

“Or, you will go up to my office and bend over my desk with your skirt bunched around your hips.”


He gently gripped her bun, forcing her to look at him with just enough pain to send a tingle through her. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

She bit her lower lip, clearly reading the sexual dominance in his expression. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”


“That will work for now.” He released her hair and turned away from her, dropping his towel and revealing his world-class ass. “What will it be, Amanda? Do you want your punishment from the law, or from me?”

She fisted her hands into her lap to keep from reaching for him, wanting to touch him, to caress his body, but the rational part of her mind was pissed. “Are you blackmailing me?”

He looked over his shoulder and gave her his million-dollar bad-boy grin. “Yep.”


Turning away, he stepped over the bench and she looked away, the brief glimpse of his very, very impressive erection seared into her mind. “I’m very serious. You need to decide what you want to do soon, Amanda. By the time I’m done getting dressed I want you either in my office, with your skirt hiked up to show me that beautiful ass, or in my office waiting for me to contact the authorities.”

She closed her eyes and struggled to think, to do something with her mind other than focus on how thick his dick was, how dark the head had been and how much she wanted to touch him. A moment later his heat pressed against her back before his lips brushed over her ear. Delicious sparks of pleasure warmed her blood and she was near trembling with desire as he placed a soft, lingering kiss on the sensitive skin behind her ear before his wet tongue licked the lobe. A moan tore from her as he began to gently kiss and lick her ear, making her instantly crazy with desire.

The warmth of his breath against the now wet skin had her sheath contracting as he said, “You called me Master, carina, though I don’t think you’re aware that I am indeed a Master, your Master. I’ve been in the lifestyle for many, many years now and I promise you I can take you so deep into subspace, give you so much pleasure, that you will never need to touch that beautiful pussy again to find your relief.”

“Dallas,” she murmured and reached behind her to try and press his wonderfully talented mouth back to her neck, but he pulled away.

“Go, Amanda. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Chapter 3

By the time she made it to his office her nerves had returned full force, chasing the desire from her and leaving her once again almost nauseous. What the hell was she doing? She couldn’t really be entertaining his crazy demands. Yet when she crossed the room to his desk she carefully cleared the space, stacking the papers and folders strewn about before setting them in a tidy pile at the edge of the desk. The bright afternoon sunlight flooded the office and she moved around to the windows, lowering the privacy screens that dimmed the light to a mellow glow.

Finally, she stood before his desk and let out a long, slow breath. If she were being honest with herself the thought of submitting to Dallas was no hardship. In fact, it was almost a relief. He was taking the decision out of her hands, giving her what would amount to almost guilt-free sex, if she could keep her emotions out of it. She just had to somehow view this as…almost as a business transaction. She’d give him her body and he’d forgive her for losing his gold-and-diamond nipple clamps. Shame cooled her arousal but made it easier for her to bend over his desk and hike her skirt up so her black garters and black silk panties would be the first thing he saw when he opened his office door.

She deserved to be punished for betraying his trust. No matter how she tried to look at it she’d broken rules by using his personal things for her own pleasure. Resting her cheek against the cool, smooth surface of his wood desk she closed her eyes and tried to center herself. While she didn’t have a great deal of experience with BDSM, her last boyfriend had introduced her to it and she’d greatly enjoyed playing with him before his job had taken him to another part of the country. They’d even gone to a local club a few times, enough for her to realize that her need to submit was stronger than his need to dominate.

Her pussy clenched at the thought that maybe Dallas’s needs for D/s matched her own.

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