The Fighter's Secretary(4)

By: Ann Mayburn

Despite the fact that he just had an orgasm his dick was still hard. Already the need to climax again was beginning to build. On his screen Amanda set aside the nipple clamps on his T-shirt and began to button up her blouse. Suddenly she jumped up and quickly shoved her jacket on and buttoned it. She then rolled up his T-shirt with the nipple clamps in it and shoved it behind the couch where it fell with half the bundle sticking out from the edge. As soon as she stood she stepped into her shoes then smiled at someone.

A woman’s voice came from the door. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here. You working late again, Amanda?”

Amanda smiled and walked over to his desk, picking up the folders and a stack of paper. “Yeah. His royal highness forgot to tell me about a big presentation until the end of the day, as usual.”

A middle-aged woman with a cleaning cart came into the room, shaking her head as she smiled at Amanda. “Girl, you need to put your foot down. I’m tired of seeing you here working late.”

“You and me both.” Amanda cleared her throat and stepped around the cleaning woman. “I’m just finishing up so I’ll probably be gone by the time you’re done. If I don’t see you, have a good night, Cora.”

“You too, honey.”

Amanda left and the cleaning woman went about straightening up his office. When she was vacuuming she found the rolled up shirt and placed it in his closet next to the extra suit and his workout gear. After dusting his work area for a few more minutes she left.

Pausing the video, Dallas quickly went to his office closet next to his bathroom and looked behind it, finding the rolled up shirt shoved behind some stuff. Sure enough, the nipple clamps were inside and he fingered the metal, wishing it still held the warmth of Amanda’s body. As he stared at the glittering links a plan began to form in his mind. He knew Amanda was single, knew she wanted him, but also knew that for whatever reason she absolutely did not want him to know she was attracted to him. Licking his lips, he set the T-shirt back into the closet with the nipple clamps still inside before returning to his desk.

She’d called him Master.

Shit, he was going to walk around with a permanent hard-on.

Once he sat down, he took a deep breath, then picked up his phone and dialed Amanda.

She picked up on the third ring and her husky, sexy voice spilled into his ear. “Hello, Mr. Ortega, how can I help you?”

“I need you to meet me down in the gym in fifteen minutes.”

She didn’t bother to hide her disgruntled sigh. “Now?”

“Come on, Amanda, you know I get my best inspiration while working out.”

He was pretty sure she was calling her some unflattering things under her breath, but she took in an audible inhalation then let it out, no doubt trying for patience. “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Chapter 2

Amanda Dunham stood outside of the door leading to the private gym that belonged to her boss and tried to collect her scattered nerves. She was a professional, she was a grown woman, and she was not scared to be alone in the same room as her boss. Most of all, she would remember that Dallas was a complete and total womanizer who would never settle down with one woman. She should know, she was the one who had to send the flowers and gifts to his conquests, and then she was the one who had to field their angry phone calls when he invariably broke up with them to go chase after some new woman. Though she had to admit, things seemed to have slowed down lately for Dallas in the love department. It had been at least a couple months since the last irate girlfriend, dressed in what Amanda liked to think of as expensive slut, had tried to barge into his office.

Gripping her laptop against her chest, she took a quick glance down at her outfit to make sure she at least looked professional. Today she wore a navy blue pencil skirt that went down to her knees along with a pair of sensible black patent leather pumps. A fitted navy blue cardigan sweater coupled with a white lace mock turtleneck blouse completed the outfit. Her hair had been pulled back into its usual severe bun and she was about as buttoned down and conservative as she could get.

She opened the door to the gym and inwardly groaned at the sight of Dallas punching a speed bag—it looked like one of their prototype designs—while wearing a pair of silky black workout shorts with splashes of red and orange along the legs, another one of their new designs. While Dallas was a completely disorganized mess as far as business was concerned, he was also brilliant when it came to designing innovative new clothing and training gear for fighters. And he was so sexy it made her nipples ache and her panties instantly dampen.

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