The Fighter's Secretary(10)

By: Ann Mayburn

“Grip the front of the desk, carina, and hold on. What’s your safe word?”


“I’m going to spank you now, and then I’m going to make you come.”

Dallas couldn’t believe that he had his beautiful Amanda in front of him, her hot little pussy in his hand while she arched her hips up, the black garters stark against the pale perfection of her skin. She had a nicely rounded ass for as slender as she was and the almond shape of her pussy was just begging for his mouth. Once again she’d laid her head on his desk and closed her eyes, her full pink lips parted as she rubbed her sex against his hand. He wasn’t joking when he said her panties were soaked. Either she was extremely turned on or just one of those women that was naturally blessed with a slick cunt.

Gritting his teeth, he tried to get his head back in the game and off fucking her. He wanted to give Amanda such a good experience that she would seek him out, come to him begging for her pleasure. Already her little pleas for release stroked his dick like a fist and he wanted so fucking bad to just jerk his pants down and shove his rock hard cock in her. He’d never had a woman test his self-control like this, but from the moment he’d met her Amanda had called to him like no other woman. And the way she looked at him, like she wanted to eat him alive, it was so unlike her usual cool stare that he couldn’t help but feel a roaring sense of pride that he’d managed to crack her hard shell to the hot woman he knew lay beneath.

Moving fully behind her, he palmed her ass with both hands and gripped her scant panties, tearing them off with a hard rip. She held the desk and cried out, then moaned as he teased the fabric from between her legs, making sure the ruined silk tugged over her pussy before he withdrew it fully. As soon as the panties were free of her body he brought them to his nose, took a deep inhale of her musk and shuddered. She smelled so fucking good, so hot, and he wanted to bury his face between her long legs and lick her swollen slit.

He took a step back and used his thumbs to hold open her buttocks, displaying the dark rosette of her anus and the dusky, full folds of her sex to his gaze. Her cunt was pink within and the lack of curls allowed him to see how hard her clit was, pushing out of its little hood. She tensed and tried to wiggle out of his grasp, so he released her buttocks right before landing his first slap on her left butt cheek.

“Ow,” she yelped.

He couldn’t help but laugh as she shot him a dirty look. “I don’t know what kind of spankings your ex gave you, but I plan on turning this pretty ass red.”

The fire in her green eyes only made him harder, but he looked away and focused on her bottom as he began to spank first one side of her ass, then the other, loving the blush that turned the creamy surface pink, then red. Amanda tensed with each slap, her lovely ass tightening and making him think about what it would be like to be inside of her while she clenched up like that, what it would feel like to have her wet pussy gripping his cock while her come dripped down onto his balls. Not pulling down his pants was getting more difficult by the second.

After another dozen spanks her ass was a satisfying red in color and she was so aroused that a drop of her arousal hung from her pussy. Before it could fall to the floor he gave into his craving to taste her and knelt behind her, licking at the sweet honey with a harsh groan. He sealed his mouth over her pussy and began to lash her with his tongue, licking at the folds of her sex but avoiding her clit. Amanda screamed loud enough that he hoped no one was walking by and ground her pussy against his mouth, her legs trembling.

“Oh, Dallas, so good, oh please, please. Don’t stop eating my pussy. So good.”

He began to tap her clit with his tongue and reached up, gripping her no doubt sore ass enough to reawaken the burn. The little bundle of nerves was as hard as he’d ever seen a woman’s clit and a savage satisfaction filled him when he began to suckle the little nub gently and she came, screaming his name over and over. A fresh gush of her cream spilled from her sex and he greedily lapped it up, knowing that he could easily become addicted to her rich taste, if he wasn’t already. She undulated against his tongue, moaning incoherently and sending a fierce satisfaction roaring through him.

When he finally pulled away and stepped back she was completely limp against his desk, her normally perfect hair a mess as her bun had come loose during her thrashing.

She lazily opened her eyes and gave him a heart-melting smile. “Wow.”

Even though he was dying to come and his balls felt like someone had kicked them, he somehow managed to maintain his composure and pull her skirt down before lifting her and turning Amanda around so she sat on the edge of his desk. Her lovely green eyes were still heavy lidded and she didn’t object when he took her hair down, running his fingers through the heavy, silken strands. Though she wasn’t the perfect beauty of his past girlfriends, there was something so real about her that to him she was the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. Her cheeks were still pink from her orgasm and her body soft against his as she cuddled close and sighed.

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