The Duke I'm Going to Marry(117)

By: Meara Platt

He didn’t know whether to laugh or rage. He’d been undone. Brought to his knees by an infant and an incompetent guardian.

“Oh, dear,” the girl said, closing her eyes and groaning. “I’m so sorry. So very, very sorry.”

So was he. He ought to have listened to Ian, but not because the Farthingale women were dangerous. It seemed all Farthingales were dangerous. Young. Old. Male. Female.

The family and their servants were to be avoided at all costs.

“We’ll pay for the damage, of course,” she continued in obvious distress, her eyes remaining firmly closed, as if not seeing the damage would somehow make it go away. “We’ll replace whatever needs... er, replacing. Please have your tailor send the bill to Miss Daisy Farthingale. I’ll make certain it is paid at once.”

Gabriel’s heart stopped beating. Yes, it definitely stopped. And then it began to beat very fast.

“You’re Daisy?” he mumbled, his tongue suddenly as numb as the rest of his body. Not that he cared who she was, or what Ian had warned. He wasn’t afraid of any female, certainly not this incompetent slip of a girl.

She opened her eyes and graced him with a gentle, doe-eyed gaze. “I am.”

Very well, Ian was right. She was a force to be reckoned with, but so would any woman be with glistening blue eyes, pink cheeks, and cream-silk skin.

“Sir, may I be so bold as to ask who you are?”

“I’m late, that’s what I am.” He plunked Harry in her arms and hastened to his grandmother’s house.


Daisy loves her family and desperately wants to make them proud of her by marrying well; however, her heart refuses to cooperate and keeps leading her to Gabriel Dayne, a man she believes is a wastrel and notorious rake. Gabriel has spent years creating his dissolute image in order to spy on Napoleon’s agents, and he isn’t about to destroy all those years of important work for a snip of a girl who’s somehow stolen his heart. We know that Daisy will find true love only by following her heart and believing in Gabriel. However, in Regency England, a young woman had little chance to succeed on her own merits. Often, the only way to gain the respect of her family was to achieve a brilliant marriage. Daisy will be forced to make that choice, for the handsome heir to one of England’s most powerful families has offered for her hand in marriage and Daisy is feeling tremendous pressure to accept.

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