Testing the Submissive(7)

By: Al Daltrey

“Personally, I think its goofy how he refers to Brutus as a person, but I guess that’s part of the eroticism for Grekko; and a good submissive should happily accept the whims of her dominants.”

“Very true Sir, and instinctively I did that very thing – I think I said ‘it is my pleasure and honor to meet you Brutus’ when he showed me the strap.”

“What did it look like?”

“It’s a very thick, heavy rubber strap, moderately flexible, with a custom made handle. When Grekko held it before me, I peppered Brutus with soft kisses, as a sign of respect.”

“Were you worried?”

“VERY worried. I was not looking forward to the agony that Brutus was about to bring me.”

“And your pussy?”

“As usual Sir, as much as I was worried, fearful, apprehensive….my pussy did have that familiar and predictable tingle. I didn’t want to be there, and yet – my desire couldn’t be ignored.”

During our conversation Lewis and I scanned the menu, ordered appetizers, and were into our second drink. I found myself increasingly attracted to Lewis. I enjoyed answering his questions. In fact, I practically hung off his every word.

“Where and how did Grekko deliver the discipline?”

“He made me kneel over storage chest at the foot of his bed. I wasn’t tethered, but told to remain still. Brutus came down hard and heavy across the back of my thighs. The sting was worse than I imagined, and I was also surprised by the weight of the strap. It was like a heavy blow to my body. The pain was fierce. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to endure a beating like that.”

“But you did, of course.”

“I did, Sir. One strike at a time, I endured it. He continued on the back of my thighs for at least a dozen more, before moving upward toward my ass.”


“For forty-five minutes, about once per minute – Brutus came crashing down on my ass, with great force. My butt was on fire. I was crying. I was trembling. I did my best to stay cool. Occasionally Grekko would bring Brutus up to my face, so I could plant a kiss or two on the strap.”

“Was there much conversation?”

“Grekko barely spoke. But there was a permanent smile on his face. He seemed content; at times he would rub his callused hand over my ass, perhaps to soothe me, perhaps to gauge the warmth of my skin, I’m not sure. Instinctively, I spoke to Brutus during one of our kissing moments, and Grekko’s cock, which was already hard, seemed to get even harder. I took that as a cue to speak to Brutus more often during the beating, and Grekko appeared to revel in it.”

“What sorts of things did you say to Brutus?”

“I would kiss Brutus, and lay the side of my cheek against the rubber, then say ‘thank you Brutus, thank you for teaching my ass a lesson’ or ‘sorry Brutus, sorry for trembling so much, when you’re ready please hit me again’. Finally, Grekko laid the strap to rest on his dresser, and I knew the beating was over.”

“Did Grekko fuck you at that point?”

“He wanted a blowjob. He made me kneel before him, which wasn’t easy with my ass on fire. I was instructed to keep my wrists behind my back, and use only my mouth. In less than a minute, my mouth was flooded with his cum. I swallowed as I sucked and did not remove my mouth from his cock until several minutes after he released.”

“Was there relief for you?”

“There was. Grekko motioned for me to stand. He picked up Brutus again, but somehow I knew he wasn’t going to hit me with it. He tapped my inner thighs, and I spread my legs. He turned the strap on its side, and with the very edge of the rubber he began to slide it along the length of my slit. In no time Brutus was wet and slick with my juices, which allowed the instrument to slide easily along my cleft, pressing against my clit in long smooth strokes. In as little time as it took Grekko to cum, so did I. I gyrated against Brutus, cumming as the strap worked its magic on my needy cunt.”

“I imagine you were required to thank the strap for this additional indulgence?”

“I thanked Brutus by kissing and licking every inch of that strap, until any evidence of my essence was unquestionably gone. Grekko patiently watched me the entire time, still standing right in front of me. Eventually, he took Brutus away, and swept me into his arms – kissing me himself.”

“Interesting. Grekko kissed you? And how did that feel?”

“Again, respectfully Sir, he isn’t exactly the most attractive man. His breath was stale, his stubble irritated my skin. His hands were roaming all over my back and ass, which was still stinging. And he kissed me very passionately for quite a while, so it was full-on high school necking, if you will.

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