Testing the Submissive(6)

By: Al Daltrey

In the dream we were in some kind of log cabin up in the mountains. I was lying on a bed, and he was approaching me, with a pair of handcuffs.

“There’s a bad storm coming…” he said.

I didn’t say a word, but put my wrists together so that he might cuff them.

“No,” he continued, instead taking my left wrist and cuffing it to the one bed post. He took my right wrist and did the same thing to the other bed post.

I was about to say, “Will you whip me?” but before I could do so, we could both hear the sound of a freight train approaching. The most powerful wind I’d ever seen began to envelop the room. As is surreal in dreams, everything inside the cabin started swirling and flying around. I could see through the windows that the same thing was happening outside. Trees and objects, massive rocks, including all sorts of debris were flying around. Then it dawned on me what was happening.

“Tornado!” I said. “Shouldn’t you release me?” Fastened as I was to the strong bedposts there was no way for me to seek shelter.

Just then, the entire roof of the cabin lifted off and flew away into the vortex of the tornado. All of the furniture and objects around us were also sucked up into the void. The tornado was directly above us, but everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.

“The cuffs!” I pleaded again to Lewis, as if to say ‘release me’. But he lay over me to protect me from whatever debris was still flying around. He took hold of the same bedposts with his strong hands.

I awakened to a feeling of peace and unequivocal trust of the man who had taken command of me.


Sixteen days later, six days after the strapping…

This time Lewis decided to conduct my interview in a restaurant, over dinner, which surprised me. I was both pleased and disappointed at the same time. Pleased that we’d be having dinner together, out in public; yet disappointed that I wouldn’t be naked before him. That said, the venue was secondary. I found myself excited to be in his presence again. Excited both emotionally and sexually.

“How have you been?” Lewis started with a benign question.

“Pretty good Sir, considering I can finally sit on a chair again.” Lewis laughed at my joke, understanding exactly what I intended. He knew that Grekko concentrated on my ass.

“I assume there is still evidence of bruising?”

“Very much so, but it’s healing well. I’m sure I’ll be completely clear within a week.”

“When you go about your day, how does it feel knowing there are marks under your clothes?”

“I love it, Sir. I know that sounds strange, but I enjoy knowing the marks are there.”

“How so?”

“If I’m out in public, or even hanging with friends, I love the feeling that I’m carrying a kinky secret. The marks represent that secret. No one has a clue that under my jeans my ass is purple and blue. It’s fun!”

Just then our waitress arrived, and Lewis and I both ordered drinks. He ordered a red wine, and I ordered white. Once our server was out of earshot, the conversation continued.

“So, when you arrived at Grekko’s farmhouse, were you surprised by his appearance?”

“Yes. He was working on some landscaping when the limo pulled up into his long driveway. At first, I thought he was the groundskeeper or something, but then when he paid the limo driver, my heart sank, and I realized this would be the man using me.”

“How did he appear?”

“He was disheveled, unshaven, and somewhat sweaty; his clothes confirmed he was working outside all day.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“It was a strange feeling. On the one hand, I was somewhat repulsed by the idea of this man touching me. Yet, a part of me wanted to serve him for that very reason.”

“Why so?”

“To prove to you, Sir – that I’m yours to share with anyone you desire, that I have no say in who uses me, or how. Whether a man or woman is attractive or not has no bearing on the fact that they can whip me, use me, fuck me or whatever. It reconfirmed my position as an unequivocal whipping-bitch.”

“What happened from there?”

“Grekko and I made our way inside the home, and in no time I was up in his bedroom, on the second floor. He undressed me like a child opening up a Christmas present. Then he said something which at first confused me.”

“Let me guess, he mentioned Brutus?”

“Yup. Exactly. He said he wanted to introduce me to Brutus, so I thought he had invited a friend to join us. Momentarily I was concerned, as I know you would have told me in advance if others were to be involved.”

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