Suddenly Wolf(8)

By: Abby Blake

* * * *

“I can feel her,” Isaac said. So could Daegan. In fact, even though they were about three hundred yards down the road, the link to their mate was getting stronger. “Did you ever think we’d find her?”

“Not really,” Daegan answered honestly. They’d always figured the two of them would share a mate, he’d just doubted that she would exist. The type of telepathic communication they shared as identical twins was usually reserved for mated couples, so it had seemed likely that they would never find their true mate. What were the chances that one woman would be made to suit both of them?

Except that she’d been made for Xavier as well.

“What do you reckon about Xavier’s theory?”

“That something’s wrong and we only think she’s our mate?” His brother nodded. “I think Xavier is going to learn the hard way that you can’t fight fate.”

“Andrea, too,” Isaac said, sounding sad. Personally, Daegan couldn’t wait to live the fireworks that would be life with their mate. After their explosive beginning he had no doubt that loving Andrea for the rest of their lives was going to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and he couldn’t wait to get started.

But Isaac was a peacemaker. He liked life to run smoothly, so he usually tried to make everyone happy. It didn’t always work, but he was the reason their pack managed to get by with very little bloodshed—quite unusual for werewolves, even in a pack as small as theirs.

“Our mate will be fine. She’ll adjust to life as a werewolf quickly enough. We just need to give her a little time is all,” Daegan said, hopefully sounding a little more confident than he felt. He might look forward to the fireworks, but it promised to be a difficult time for his brother.

“I know,” Isaac said as he lay back on his own bed and stared at the ceiling. “I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I’m pretty sure Andrea wasn’t it.”

Daegan bristled at the apparent rejection of their mate and found himself halfway off the bed before he could pull his temper under control. Shit, he and Isaac never fought. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time they’d even disagreed, but here he was ready to beat the shit out of his twin for a perceived slight against their mate. Fortunately, sense kicked in, and he was able to see the comment for what it was—just an observation about their mate’s unexpectedly abrasive personality.

Daegan lay back on his own bed and laughed quietly. “If nothing else, life will never be dull.”

* * * *

Andrea writhed against the cool sheets as her faceless dream lover kissed her all over. She groaned as he reached her breasts, sucking hard against her straining nipple before biting down gently. She moved her hands, intending to thread her fingers through his hair and hold him to her. But her wrists were caught by another man, and he pressed them against the pillow as he climbed over her, straddling her chest, his hard cock bouncing close to her mouth.

“Suck me,” he growled as he pressed his erection against her lips. The other man moved lower, pressing kisses to her mound, his hands pushing her thighs wide, his tongue seeking her clit, his fingers pushing into her pussy. She gasped at the incredible sensation, and the man above her quickly pressed his cock into her open mouth. He was thick and wide, and she hurried to adjust, but the first taste of him on her tongue was ambrosia, and she sucked harder against the soft flesh. The man groaned, tangling his fingers in her hair, holding her steady as he pumped slowly into her mouth. The angle was awkward, the thrusts quite shallow, but he moaned as she licked him with her tongue, tasting his pre-cum, sucking him harder, wanting more.

“Open your eyes,” a gruff voice demanded. She looked up to see Xavier, a smile on his face, his naked cock mere inches from her hand. She wriggled her fingers, and Daegan laughed softly as he released his hold. She reached out to take Xavier in her grip. He groaned, his hips thrusting his cock into her hand as his brother pushed deeper into her mouth.

Daegan pumped harder into her mouth as the third man thrust his tongue in her pussy, fucking her hard and deep, holding her legs still as the three of them drove her insane. She mewled in protest when Daegan pulled out of her mouth, but he grabbed her other hand, wrapped it around his cock, and made room for Isaac.

Isaac moved up her body, his smile promising heavenly delights. Daegan and Xavier each moved to grab her knees, pulling her wide open as Isaac thrust his cock into her pussy. She growled, the noise seeming to inflame her lovers as Isaac began to move more forcefully. He pounded into her, his hard cock going deeper, the movement pushing her harder into the mattress, only Xavier’s and Daegan’s grip on her legs holding her still for Isaac’s fucking.

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