Suddenly Wolf(5)

By: Abby Blake

But again she was forced to face her own ridiculousness. She’d been shot, and they’d helped her? She shook her head. She couldn’t have been shot, so why would she have needed help? Unless…had these guys attacked her?

“Andrea, sweetheart, please just listen to what we have to say, and then, if you still want us to, we’ll leave.”

“Fine,” she said, rubbing her forehead in an effort to preempt a damn headache. “And don’t call me sweetheart.” She glanced at one and then the other. “Start with names. Who the fuck are you two?”

The man leaning on the doorjamb laughed. Of course the sound was deep and husky and so darn sexy it made her toes curl, but she chose to ignore it. She gave him an irritated scowl, and he just laughed harder. Great, fucking great. If he kept that up, she was liable to growl at him again…or maybe leap on him and lick him all over.

Crap. Did her libido have to choose now to reawaken?

“I’m Isaac Cloveck,” the man near the chair said. He gave the other man a dark scowl. “And that’s my twin brother, Daegan.”

“Twins?” she asked in a smart-ass tone because her own reaction to these two men was pissing her off. “I never would’ve guessed.”

“Ouch,” Daegan said with another laugh. “Our mate has sharp claws.”

“How,” Andrea asked as she shot a dark look at the handsome invader in her doorway, “did you end up in my bedroom?”

“You were shot.” She went to interrupt hunkalicious-in-a-towel, but he held up a hand to stop her. “You were dying. We saved you by turning you into one of us.”

“Us?” she asked on a squeak. Just her luck that she would hit her head—that was the only rational explanation for this whole ridiculous episode—imagine she’d been shot, and then get “rescued” by a couple of good-looking, but bat-shit-crazy, guys who’d watched too much TV. What was the latest craze? Vampires? Witches? Demons?

“Yes, you’re one of us now, beautiful.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, inching back to where she kept her gun. Maybe she could get the safe open while she pretended to swallow their delusional drivel. “And what does that make me, exactly?”

“A werewolf,” the guy at the door—Was his name Daegan? She couldn’t remember—explained with a casual shrug.

“So you guys, what? Change on the full moon?”

“Nope, you will though.”

“So next full moon, I’m going to change into a werewolf and you’re what? Going to watch?”

Daegan laughed happily, obviously turned on by her sarcasm. His brother—Isaac?—looked very annoyed and shot his brother an exasperated look. Now that she could relate to. Completely exasperating described this conversation perfectly.

Daegan stopped laughing and grew suddenly serious. “Just show her.”

“Why me?” Isaac seemed really pissed about his brother’s suggestion.

“Because you’re undressed already. Because I’m in the best position to catch her when she freaks out. Because Xavier will accuse me of trying to freak her out deliberately, but will understand why you did it.”

“True,” Isaac said with a small laugh. “Fine.”

He stood up and unwrapped the towel. It took every ounce of strength Andrea possessed to stop herself from looking at the part of him that had been hidden by the terrycloth. He stood there smirking, and she realized the rotten man was actually waiting for her eyes to drop lower.

“Get on with it,” she said irritably. Was she really asking some naked guy to turn into a werewolf in her bedroom? Considering the fact that her eyes refused to stay above his waistline, it was probably the safest choice.

But all the air was suddenly sucked from her lungs when the handsome man began to sprout hair all over his body. In a strangely fluid motion his body moved and contorted and changed into a wolf right before her eyes.

The silver wolf yipped once and then sat on its haunches, wagged its tail, and watched her.

“Ho…ly shhhhh…it.” Andrea swallowed hard. She was dreaming. Surely she was dreaming. Shit like this just did not happen in real life. The wolf made a sound very much like a doggy version of a human laugh. “I need to lie down.” She sat on the edge of her bed, swung her legs around, and lay back on the pillow.

But the damn wolf leapt onto the bed, leaned over her a moment, and then moved to lie down beside her like some faithful guard dog. It rested its head on both front paws and gave her what could only be described as a sad puppy-dog look. She lifted her hand to scratch the creature’s ears, not really willing to acknowledge the fact that she had the biggest damn wolf she’d ever seen lying on her bed next to her.

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