Suddenly Wolf(40)

By: Abby Blake

A few moments later Daegan said, “Stepping into his office, now.”

It wasn’t exactly the way she wanted to tell them, but at least if she had them all in the one room, they’d be able to see each other’s reaction. She’d be able to hear and feel everything, and as unkind as the thought was, her mother-in-law wouldn’t be able to interrupt her announcement.

She could sense them all together, their easy camaraderie soothing her soul as she took a deep breath and told them her news.

She giggled when three grown men came running full pelt through the house, their sneakered feet squealing against the tiles as they entered the kitchen and pulled her into the middle of a tight hug. Their mother looked appalled at such rowdy behavior, but it was obvious she was dying to know what was going on.

Andrea grinned, happy to let the woman wait a little longer, but then nearly as one, the three men stepped back and stared at her.

“I can’t believe we’re going to have babies. Are you sure you’re carrying triplets?” Daegan asked.

She nodded, glanced at her mother-in-law and winked.

The woman looked as happy as her sons, and a moment later their father joined them in the kitchen. As plans were made, baby names suggested, and traditions created, Andrea glanced around the room and realized she’d never felt more at home than she did at this moment.

Being shot had sucked, but becoming a werewolf and finding her mates?

Totally worth it.


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