Stay Close

By: Alexa Riley


For Daisy... We miss you every day.

Dear Reader,

As book lovers, no matter how much we want our favorite     stories to go on forever, we know that eventually they will come to an end. The     same is sadly true of my monthly letter to you. While I know some of you do look     forward to this letter, we’ve decided that we can no longer continue to include     it for some practical reasons, which I don’t want to bore you with. So this will be my last letter to you all. But never fear, the good     books will continue to come every month and that is what’s most     important!

Still, I get one last chance to tell you all about the     amazing books we have in store for you, and I’m going to take full advantage of     the opportunity. Are you ready?

Powerhouse author duo Alexa Riley follows up their     bestselling full-length novels Everything for Her and His         Alone with a trilogy of spin-off novellas. First up, in Stay         Close, a Russian bad boy will do whatever it takes to conquer her     headstrong ways and make her his. And don’t miss the next two novellas,     releasing later in 2017 and early in 2018, as well as their third full-length     novel, Claimed, coming in spring 2018.

At Noble House, a first-of-its-kind hybrid fetish club that     blends real life with the online, three lovers reunite to explore role play and     high-tech toys as they battle demons from the past that could threaten their     future. Sara Brookes’s Get Off Easy is only the first in her     supercharged erotic romance series, Noble House Kink.

The male/male romance Ethan & Wyatt trilogy by K.A.     Mitchell is now available in one volume in mass market print, audio and digital     formats. Opposites attract and ignite on campus as optimistic, open-hearted and     sometimes clueless Ethan meets Wyatt, who has plenty of reasons for hiding under     his hoodie. Together they face a jealous ex, disapproving parents and the most     dangerous test of all: real life together off campus.

Hot in the City author Jules Court is back with her     third contemporary romance novella, Tease Me Tonight. Elizabeth Owens     spent the last eight years as the responsible and celibate guardian of her     little sister, but now Megan’s left the nest, and Elizabeth’s ready to let her     wild side out with firefighter Will MacGregor. The only problem is Will wants a     connection with Elizabeth that will last longer than one steamy night, and he     knows if he gives in too soon to their attraction he’ll lose her. You can also     pick up Hot in the City and Enticing the Enemy in digital,     wherever Carina ebooks are sold.

In Betrayed by Blood, the second installment in Beth     Dranoff’s romantic urban fantasy Mark of the Moon series, covert agent turned     bartender Dana is drawn back to her Agency past by an offer she can’t refuse     from a guy she never thought she’d see again. Lured by curiosity, and torn     between freedom and restraint, Dana has to decide whether she’s ready to look to     the future while leaving the scars of her past behind.

Romantic suspense author Katie Ruggle, writing as Katie     Allen, joins Carina Press with the first of several erotic romance backlist     releases leading up to her fall 2017 new erotic romance release. In her Research     & Desire series, we’ll publish Erotic Experiments, Natural         Selection, Carnal Chemistry and Double Dose in     back-to-back months from July through October. Then look for book one of her new     series in November 2017.

Ten years after he rejected her, the Seduction Squad’s newest     recruit, Christie Mason, finally has the chance to get her revenge on Theo Ward,     but there are some fantasies that are best left in the past and some taboos that     should never be explored in Seduction Squad: Tainted by Amanda     Stewart.

Robyn Bachar’s Contingency Plan is the next in her     sci-fi romance series, The Galactic Cold War. Privateer pilot Lieutenant Jiang     Chen searches for the location of a terrible superweapon, but when the mission     threatens to reveal the dangerous secrets of her past, Jiang’s only ally is sexy     chief of security Ryder Kalani, who is battling demons of his own. Start with     book one, Relaunch Mission, today!

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