Sexiest Man Alive (Knight Fashion #1)

By: M. Clarke


Tonight is the night.

The night my whole life would change. It had only taken me a week to prepare, but I knew what I was doing—what I wanted. Most women plan their weddings as little girls. Most men delay them as long as they can—more like avoid them like the plague—but I had planned my proposal from the second I first saw her.

The proposal would be simple but romantic. My landlord gave me the idea for a perfect spot. I’d told her about my plans, and she suggested the roof. She didn’t allow tenants up there, but made an exception for me.

I jerked. My phone vibrated in my pocket, so I took it out to check my texts.

Olivia: I’m coming up.

Me: You have to knock.

Olivia: Okay. We need to talk!

Me: OK.

Olivia: Why did you tell me to dress up? Why am I going to the roof?

Me: To save me. I’m locked out.

Olivia: Haha. Not funny.

Me: I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Olivia had to go ten flights up in the elevator and then take the stairs to the roof, so it would probably take her a couple of minutes, but those minutes seemed like a lifetime. I had been as calm as the night’s soft breeze, but now my heart pounded out of my chest.

Thump! Thump!

I took a long, deep breath. How long had I been staring at the old, rusted metal door?


I blinked and checked my back pocket for the small box. Opening the door just enough to slip out, I bolted through and then closed it behind me. I didn’t want her to see what I had done just yet. I wanted this moment with her before I showed her my surprise.

“Nate.” She giggled softly. “What are you doing?” Her eyes slid over my body. “You look ravishing in your gray suit. You know what you do to me when you wear one.” She tugged my red necktie with her lips twisting and her eyes narrowing as if she were angry. “Locked out, are ya?”

I let out a short chuckle and held her close. Taking a whiff of her sweet, flowery scent, I slid my hand under her dress and up her soft thigh. “You smell so edible, Olie.” I pressed my body tighter to hers. “You smell like you want to be fucked.”

Another round of giggles tickled my ear. “Maybe I do.” Her sultry, flirty tone sent wicked shivers through me.

“No peeking.” I cupped a hand over her eyes, careful not to mess up her eye make-up.

“What are you doing?” She snorted.

“Shhhhh! Be still.” I bit her earlobe playfully. After opening the door, I dropped my hand to my side. “Surprise! Happy one-year anniversary.”

Olie fluttered her eyelashes. Frozen in place, she marveled at the decorations. Mini lights twisted around a couple of small trees and along the border of the brick walls. Glowing battery candles sparkled everywhere she turned.

“Oh, Nate, it’s beautiful. I can’t believe you went out of your way, but—” She glanced around. It wasn’t over-the-top, but it looked romantic. Then a bemused expression replaced her soft smile. “Our anniversary isn’t till Wednesday.”

“I know. I wanted to surprise you.” I entwined my fingers with hers. Guiding her to the table, I stared at her red silk dress that brought out her brown eyes. Under the night sky, her blonde hair flowing against the light wind mesmerized me, simply stunning.

Olie and I had met at the restaurant where I worked as a waiter. We had many things in common, but our career struggles bonded us. She wanted to be a model and I wanted to be an actor. We understood each other. We supported each other. She was everything to me. I never knew I could fall this fast and hard, but I had, and I wanted to embrace it and hold on to her forever.

“You’re too good to me, Nate, but you really didn’t need to do all this for me.”

I helped her ease into her seat, and I got into mine. I pushed “play” on the playlist I had created on my phone of Ed Sheeran songs, her favorite. In front of us were plates of food covered in tinfoil. I’d had Chinese food delivered—Olie’s favorite—just before she arrived. I had thought about asking my friends to be the waiters, but I wanted tonight to be just Olie and me.

“The dishes are not pretty, but—”

“It’s perfect. It’s more than perfect,” she gushed. Her eyes were pooling with tears, sparkling against the glow of the candles.

A wave of pleasure seeped through me. Knowing she appreciated what I’d done so far meant the world to me. Another surprise for her rested inside my back pocket. We’d discussed marriage before, but agreed it would have to wait until later. I might have jumped a little ahead of schedule without her consent, but it was only a proposal—the declaration of my love for her. We didn’t have to rush to the altar. Some couples waited several years to tie the knot after the engagement.

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