Royally Tamed

By: Diana Ames


Anton watched as Mellissandra played on the floor with two chubby babies. Anyone observing would never know that she was not both of the babies’ natural mother. She hugged them, tickled them, and loved them equally. But, only one of the babies Mellissandra was currently playing patty-cake with, was from her womb. The other belonged to Anton and his half-sister, Gilly, who now resided in the psychiatric unit of the Colania National Prison. That truth was not widely known. The official records stated that Mellissandra had given birth to fraternal twins, one boy and one girl, and their father was Damian Bellaro.

Likewise, Anton appeared to be a doting father and loving husband. But the truth was, Mellissandra was married to his brother even though Anton most definitely loved her.

When Mellissandra picked up the fussing baby and opened her shirt, Anton groaned inwardly. She had no reservations about baring her breasts and nursing in front of him or anyone else. She would claim it was the most natural thing in the world, and it was what breasts had been made for. She wasn’t going to starve one of her babies because someone else had a problem with it.

Anton’s issue wasn’t disapproval though. It wasn’t even sexual. Honestly, there was nothing sexy about a woman with a hungry child on her breast. Anton’s problem was that every time he saw her nursing one or both of the babies, his love for her would grow.

At first, Anton had been afraid that he would only be able to see what his mother had done to him.

“Come here, my son,” the beautiful woman said.

Anton dragged his feet. He had just seen a man leave this room, and he knew what that meant. His mother had let the man lie on top of her, and she now smelled funny. Even worse than the smell was what his mother would want him to do after she had a man on her. She wanted him to drink milk from her.

Anton didn’t like the milk. It was warm and tasted weird. Gilly had told him that no one but babies did that with their mothers. Anton wasn’t a baby though. He was five. But if he didn’t do it, his mother would cry and say he didn’t love her anymore.

“Anton,” she said, “come here, my darling. It’s time for a feeding.”

Frightened because he didn’t want to upset his mother and maybe get a switching, Anton went and climbed onto his mother’s naked body. When he latched on to her breast, hot tears slipped over his eyes.

When he’d first seen Mellissandra with a baby at her breast, he’d only been able to see a wonderful and loving mother. She embodied everything maternal. She was exactly what a mother should be.

Anton sighed. He could gaze at the red-haired goddess in front of him for a lifetime and worship at her feet for eternity. But she was his brother’s wife, and Anton knew that the love the couple shared ran deep. He probably loved Damian as much as he loved Mellissandra. It was just in a different way. Anton would do everything he could to prevent his feelings from creating any tension between the three of them.

Rising to his feet, Anton swiftly left the room without a word. He was doing what he always did when his feelings for her became overwhelming. He ran.


Damian arrived home from his club in time to see Anton leave. Since the babies had been born, he would work days for the most part. He didn’t like being away from his family at night when Mellissandra was usually most tired, and the babies were cranky. If Damian asked him, Anton would check on them and even sleep on their sofa, but Damian couldn’t bear to put more of a burden on his brother’s heart.

It was obvious to Damian that Anton was in love with Mellissandra. Every time he saw them together he was amazed at the person Anton became. Since Gilly’s arrest nearly a year ago, Anton had closed himself off from everyone—except for Mellissandra. Damian knew that the feelings weren’t all one sided. Mellissandra had a place in her heart reserved for Anton. This didn’t threaten Damian though because he knew the biggest part of her heart belonged to him.

Damian entered the apartment and called out to his wife. She didn’t respond, but he followed the sounds of the soft coos and giggles coming from the living room. When he saw them, he just stopped and watched in awe for a few minutes.

Mellissandra was in a pair of old ripped jeans and one of his button-down shirts. She had a baby on one breast while she tickled the other baby playing on the floor between her outstretched legs. Her flame red hair was pulled back into a braid because the babies loved to tug on her brightly colored locks. She took his breath away.

“Anton just left,” she said without glancing at him.

“I saw him, but he went the other direction.” Damian came into the room to sit beside her on the floor.

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