Rock-A-Bye Baby (A BWWM Pregnancy Romance)(7)

By: Vivian Ward

Her dad has never said much. He isn’t the type to talk much and communicates more with his eyes and facial expressions. I know when we were younger, he wasn’t a fan of me. T said that her father thought she was dating a bum, someone that she would end up supporting. Like everyone else, he didn’t believe that a white guy could make it as a rapper and looked down upon me. I think he started seeing me in a different light when I signed my first record deal and started going places. Sitting at the table sipping my drink, my eyes start to feel heavy. I think the alcohol mixed with the time isn’t in my favor tonight after a long performance. I wonder what time it is? We’ve probably been here for at least two hours, right? I reach into my pocket, but I can’t find my phone. I dig my hand inside my other pocket, and it’s not there either. Shit. Where’s my phone? It must have fallen out of my pocket when that bus driver slammed on the brakes and sent us all flying out of our seats.


“Dr. Parish, I can’t get a hold of the boyfriend. Has her cousin made it here yet?” I look around the corner, glancing down at waiting room from my nurse’s station as he walks by.

“No, Dana, not that I know of. Have you tried going through any more of the contacts on her cell phone? Or does she have any existing records here with any family information that you can find?”

“I’m sorry, doctor. The paramedics were only able to scroll through the phone and get the two names she gave them on her way here before they had to start resuscitating her. Gary said that the screen on the phone locked and that was all the information they could get from it before they arrived here.”

“And have you looked for her in the system? Any previous medical records on file?”

“I’ll ask Eric. He said he would look into it, but I haven’t seen him. Maybe he went down to medical records to find a hard copy of them? I’ll page him now.”

Picking up the receiver, Dr. Parish made his way back down the hall to Ms. Greene. “Eric Daugherty, please dial nurse’s extension 1134. Eric Daugherty, extension 1134, please.” I hope her family gets here soon, and I wish we were able to get more than one number, especially since she said it was only a cousin. The parents are always preferential in cases like this, but things don’t always go the way you would like them to. Why isn’t Eric calling me back? Looking at the clock on the wall, I paged him nearly four minutes ago. With as many phones as we have in the hospital, you’d think he could find one and dial my desk to see what I want. Waiting near the phone for him to call back, the elevator door slowly slides open as a frantic young woman runs out of it. My eyes bulge as I think she is going to run right into my desk and charge into me. I put my hands in front of me to stop her and protect myself in case I don’t succeed, “Can I help you, ma’am?”

“I’m here for Trinity Greene. I’m her cousin Candace,” she says breathlessly. It is obvious that she must have run from her car to the building and then to my desk. “Oh, God, is she okay?”

Unsure of how to answer her, I blankly stare at her. I open my mouth, but the words won’t come out. “Uh, she,” I stop myself. Should I tell her now? Right here? No, take her to a private room. Don’t do this in public Dana. You don’t know how she’ll take the news. “I’m sorry, you said Candace, right?”

“Yes, where is my cousin? Where’s T? I have to see her now!”

“Ma’am, could you follow me into that room, please?”

“Oh, Lord. Please God, no!” she cries. “Tell me she’s alive. Tell me she’s okay!”

“Candace, please. This isn’t the place,” I say softly. “Follow me. We can talk in there,” I point to the room I want her to go in.

Chapter 3: Trinity

The loud blast made me deaf for a few minutes. I can’t hear, and everything is fuzzy. It’s funny how warm I feel. I look up and see a woman standing over me, but I don’t know who she is. Who is that? Why is she in my house? What did she do to me? I know that I’m lying on the cold hard floor because I can feel it on my shoulders and the back of my head. The weird thing is that my back and butt feel warm. What the hell is going on? Slowly, in a stupor, I reach down with my hands because I can’t feel my legs. My hands feel something. It’s wet, warm and thick.

The woman standing before me looks like she’s screaming but I can’t hear her. Who the hell is she? From where I’m at, I can tell she’s white, has long brown hair that’s sort of wavy and she’s wearing black pants with a dark colored hoodie. She starts backing out of the house, leaving through the front door that just popped open only seconds ago and allowed the woman to enter my house. Why is she in my house and why is she leaving? I’m feeling dizzy and drowsy. I bring my hand in front of my face. It’s covered in crimson blood, and I can feel the warmness of it running down the length of my arm as my hand collapses on the floor, lying in the pool of blood that I just removed it from only seconds ago.

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