Rock-A-Bye Baby (A BWWM Pregnancy Romance)(5)

By: Vivian Ward

Mid-way through the living room, I stop as I think I hear a noise. Standing still, I listen closely to what I think I heard. After waiting a few seconds, I don’t hear anything. Shrugging my shoulders, I figure it must be a sound from something on the TV and continue walking through the living room. With everything going on, I’ve been on edge. Get a grip, Trinity. The soft pads of my feet can’t wait to get under the covers that are awaiting me upstairs and get off of this cold wood floor. I wish this house had more carpet.

Passing the front door, I hear the noise again. This time, I stop and listen. The noise is soft, yet continuous. What is that? My eyes glimpse down at the door knob, and that’s when I see it slowly trying to turn. Shit! Did I lock it? Are they going to get in? I think I set the alarm system. I did, didn’t I? Frozen in fear, I become paralyzed as a deafening, loud noise pierces my ears.

Chapter 2: Corbin

Walking off the stage, our manager stops us and asks if we want to go to an after-party. We were invited to an exclusive club with the finest women. All of my guys immediately say yes and before I can answer, the plans have already been set in motion. Thinking about T, I pull my cell phone out of my pocket and see that it’s almost 1 AM. For a minute, I think about calling her to see if she’s awake so I can tell her what our plans are in case she needs to get a hold of me but decide against it. Knowing her, she probably just fell asleep, and she might kill me if I call and wake her up. That girl loves her sleep and disturbing her is out of the question. She always keeps her text alert volume turned down, though, so I opt to send her a text message instead.

T, we’re heading out to an after-party, but you can call me if you need anything. I love you bae. Sleep tight.

My crew and I exit the building out the back door, away from all the fans, and hop on our tour bus with our manager. He instructs our driver to take us to this exclusive after-party club for celebrities in Atlanta called the Diamond Club. On our way there, the guys talk about how many girls they plan on bringing back onto the bus and give each other shit. I glance down at my phone to see if T has texted me back, but I have no new notifications. I was right. She must be asleep. Honestly, I’m kind of glad that she didn’t text back. She needs to get more rest while she’s pregnant. I know that she has never been much of a sleeper, but it seems like she only sleeps about six hours a night. That can’t be good for the baby, and since I’ve been away on tour, she has only been sleeping for about four hours a night. It seems like every time I look at my phone she either sent me a message or was posting on her Facebook account. I think part of her not sleeping has to do with worrying about me while I’m away on tour.

I know when Trinity gets upset over things, she doesn’t let them go, but in all seriousness, she doesn’t have anything to be worried about. I would never cheat on her or disrespect my woman like that. She’s so strong-minded and opinionated, and never has a problem saying what she thinks. T will tell it to you straight, whether it’s something you want to hear or not. There’s been a few times in my career when she told me how it was, and I might not have liked to hear it at the time, but it was exactly what I needed. She’s stubborn as all hell, but I love that woman. That’s one of the main reasons why I got with her when we were in high school.

For the last nine years, T has always been by my side and backed me when no one else would. She’ll never know how grateful I am to her for sticking by my side all these years. And I know that I should treat her better—not that I treat her badly—but I should be there for her more. After all, she’s always been there for me, but sometimes I have to travel, go on tours and perform at special appearances. That’s about the only thing that we don’t see eye to eye on. She doesn’t agree with me on traveling and performing but without my fans, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s important that I keep those fans and make sure they’re happy while I continue to grow my fan base at the same time. I’m also worried that I might not be able to travel as much or do as many tours once the baby is born. When she gets here, I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave as I have in the past. I’m sure Trinity will need my help, and I am positive that my baby girl will want me around.

With the history that T and I have, I just want to give her and our family the best future I can. She is my world, and I cherish her in so many ways. I can still remember our first time together like it was yesterday. I was her first, and she was so scared and nervous. We planned this romantic weekend one day when my parents were supposed to be going out of town. I had been working at a local fast food joint so I had some cash, and we were going to order some pizza, watch some chick flicks and make love before she went home. Things fell through before the weekend even came, and my parents didn’t go out of town. I think that she was relieved, but she’ll never admit it. I didn’t take her virginity until our junior year when we went to prom. The funny thing is, we had talked about not doing it on prom night because we didn’t want to be like everyone else.

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