Rock-A-Bye Baby (A BWWM Pregnancy Romance)(3)

By: Vivian Ward

It started about a month ago, shortly after Corbs left to go on tour with his crew. I guess he was away for about three weeks when a piece of fan mail came to the house. When I saw what it was, I was a little taken aback that someone had found our private address but his manager said some fans are determined to interact with a star so they’ll go the extra mile to find out where that star lives. That explanation made perfect sense, and Corbin said to open it, so I did. It wasn’t anything special, just a hand-written letter that talked about how great his last performance was. I assumed it was someone who had gone to a concert on his current tour. The next thing that came to the house, a few days later, was a teddy bear. Now you may be thinking: a teddy bear? It isn’t as harmless as you think because I didn’t think it was at first, either. Initially, I thought it must have come as a free gift with an online order or something that I had purchased, but it wasn’t. A strange feeling told me that I should double check, so I did. Nothing that I had ordered came with any free gifts, and I certainly didn’t order this teddy bear. It is kind of ugly, to be honest. I asked Corbs if he had it sent to the house but he insisted that it wasn’t him.

Okay, so a fan letter and a teddy bear, what’s so bad about that? Nothing, until last week when I received pictures of him in the mail. There were two pictures of him: one at a concert that he had put on that night while he was on stage and the other was a picture of him, the same night, backstage—where no one is allowed. How did someone get back there to take his picture? We’re still trying to figure that one out. His manager said that security assured him that nobody had passed through them or even attempted to go backstage. As bad as all of this sounds, it isn’t even the icing on the cake. That didn’t come until yesterday, but I had forgotten to check the mail until today. There was another unmarked package, this one was quite a bit smaller than the package with the teddy bear, and it contained a pair of his boxers. I know they were his boxers because I had bought him a few extra pair right before he left for his tour.

I know that he has never cheated and will never cheat on me. There had been plenty of his shows and concerts that I went to before we ever dreamed of having a baby where women were lined up begging for him to autograph their boobs or sexy, flat abs. I’ve also seen women scrambling to get to him when he’s been on TV, I’ve read about it online, and I have seen it in videos on the Internet. He has never taken up any woman on her offerings—which is not something I can say for the rest of his crew. Out of the five of them, the only one who cheats on women is Peanut. He’ll get a girlfriend, stay faithful for about a month or so and then he’ll start finding new girls to bang. The rest of his crew refuses to commit to a relationship, but I think it’s better that way—at least for them. Even though Corbs has never cheated on me, I think it suffices to say that it’s normal for a woman in my place to worry sometimes. I’d be a fool to think the temptation of having a new, sexy woman wouldn’t be enticing for him, especially with the way he laughs, smiles and flaunts himself. I know that part of it is him playing into the persona that most superstars find themselves in, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. So how did I get his underwear in the mail? My Spidey senses tell me that he has a super fan, or stalker, who is doing everything in his or her power to try to get close to him.

I think what hurts me the most about this tour is that when we started trying to conceive this baby, he said that he would call it quits and start staying at home more. Obviously, that promise went right out the door as soon as his crew called and said their manager had booked several concert venues for them. Before I got pregnant, he did three concert tours. Two of them were a year-long tour, and the other one was a six-month tour. I hate being away from him for long periods of time, especially since we’ve been together for so long. We are high school sweethearts who started dating in the tenth grade. I’ve always supported him and his music career—even when some of his friends and family laughed at him and told him that he’d never make it. I knew he would because I’ve always believed in him. I saw the talent and drive that he had even way back then. Before either of us were old enough to drive, we used to catch a bus to go to rap battles in downtown Chicago.

I knew he was serious about pursuing his rap career when he started applying for jobs on the day of his sixteenth birthday so that he could pay his way into battles. Sometimes when we showed up to the rap battles, they wouldn’t even let him enter. Depending on the place where we went, some of them would let him in but only if he paid a double entry fee. I know a lot of those guys pocketed the extra money, but he did what he had to so he could perform and compete. Corbin has always been dedicated to his career, even when we were just kids. That’s part of what made me believe in him so much. I knew he had it in his blood to do what it took to make it. Most of his friends and family laughed at him. They used to say things like, “Have you ever seen a white boy win a battle before?” or “Is it white boy battle night?”. I know that sometimes it put his spirit down, but he never gave up. Because of his determination and refusal to give up, I wouldn’t give up on him either. I helped build him up to what he’s become since day one. He’s admitted to me before that he sometimes does take me for granted because I’ve always been there for him, but with me being pregnant it’s just too emotionally stressful. Yes, I know I shouldn’t let all these hormones coursing through my veins get the best of me, but I hoped he wouldn’t tour during my pregnancy. I think it’s essential for him to be here for all of the important milestones of pregnancy.

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