Rock-A-Bye Baby (A BWWM Pregnancy Romance)(2)

By: Vivian Ward

“Okay, hurry up!” It’s killing me to wait. As splendid as everything has been so far, I can only imagine what the master suite looks like and what’s in there.

“I’m coming for you but don’t open them yet.” He grabs my hand and leads me into the bedroom. “Now, open your eyes.”

I open them, but it takes a second to adjust to the light. I am looking at the most romantic setting I have ever seen. He spread rose petals all over the bed and floor, lit candles on the dresser and on both sides of our bed and had a plate of desserts waiting for us. “When did you do have time to do all this?” I ask, genuinely surprised. I don’t even know when he would have had time to do all of this. As far as I know, he’s either been at home with me or at the studio with his crew.

“I have my ways. Come here,” he pats the bed as he spreads out across it. “Let me pamper you.”

I lay next to him and slowly begin tracing my finger along his collar bone as he picks up a chocolate covered strawberry from the plate and begins to feed it to me. Before long, we stop with the desserts because we are too busy ravaging each other. One thing leads to the next, and suddenly, there’s nothing more than crumpled clothes on the floor and a thin, white sheet between our bodies, but before we make love, he stops and lights the fireplace near the foot of our bed. In front of the crackling fire, we resume kissing again until I climb on top of him and slowly lower myself onto him. Taking him all the way inside of me, I begin to make love to him as the white sheets hug my back, holding in the warmth of the fire. My long, soft hair drops down in front of his face as I bend over to kiss him while I continue making love to him. He brushes the hair away from my face with his hand and bites my lip before I can kiss him.

I sit up, making my back straight as a board and bend my legs so that I’m no longer resting on my knees, but on my feet instead. Gently, I lift myself off of him just enough to expose the length of his manhood and slide back down, letting him sink into me as his shaft disappears inside of me. Unable to take much of my teasing, he carefully rolls me over and gets behind me. He swiftly spreads my knees apart with his leg and enters me from behind as he grabs onto my hips. I look back and can see his fingertips digging into my skin as he salaciously takes what is his—what belongs to him. The soft glow of the white-hot fire illuminates his skin, making the muscles of his biceps and every ripple in his abs appear even more defined as a low, throaty growl escapes his lips. I can feel him swelling inside of me as he reaches his final climax, pushing me over the edge with him. Grabbing fistfuls of the bedsheets, I push myself against him, not letting a single drop of his seed go to waste as I take him all the way in.

Nestled in his arms as I fall asleep, I think about how lucky I am. I love this man so much; probably more than I have any right to, but he treats me like a queen. He might travel a lot, but I know that when push comes to shove, he always has my back and would do anything for me—and for our baby that I’m carrying. We are the most important things in his life, and he shows me that in multiple ways every day. I have never doubted his love though I have doubted his priorities from time to time.

Chapter 1: Trinity

Hanging up the phone with Corbin I decide that the baby needs a snack. Okay fine, I need the snack but only because I know the baby will enjoy it. It’s definitely not because I’m craving it. Being almost seven months pregnant makes you feel famished. It doesn’t matter if you just finished a meal or not because you’re still hungry. Walking into the kitchen, I flip on the light before I make my way over to the junk food cabinet and start scavenging for something to snack on. I’m not even sure what I want. I just know that I want something. Nothing in the cabinet looks particularly appetizing. I walk over to the fridge and start rifling around for something better. Nope, nothing in here either. I go back over to the cabinet to re-examine it. My eyes dart back and forth before I finally find something that sounds good.

“S’mores it is,” I say as I pull the box of graham crackers out of the cabinet and fish out the marshmallows.

I just bought a package of chocolate bars, but they aren’t in the cabinet with the rest of the food that I’ll probably regret eating after the baby is born. Where the hell did I put those damn things? I must have gone through every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen before I finally remember what I did with them. Oh, that’s right. I took them to bed with me last night! Walking upstairs, I go into our bedroom and retrieve them off of the nightstand next to my side of the bed. Looking at Corbin’s lonely, untouched side of the bed makes me miss him even more. I’d like to have him home with me. I think I want him home more than anything right now because of what’s been going on with the mail. It would make me feel safer and sleep better if he were here to protect me. I know we have an alarm system but whoever is behind the mail scheme knows how to mess with your mind; or rather, my mind. It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t alone or if I weren’t so damn big and pregnant. If I had to break into a sprint to save my life, I’d be wheezing and puffing with the size of my stomach that I’m carrying around. I’d probably be more likely to die from an asthma attack or asphyxiation than anything else.

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