Reed's Reckoning(7)

By: Ahren Sanders

After having Davis, I stayed home and resumed classes at the local college. It took me a year longer than planned, but I graduated with a Finance degree and started working for the bank immediately. I’ve worked my way through several positions, but tomorrow I’m going after a job that could launch my career. With a few years under my belt, I could be considered for a vice president role.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, considering I never thought I’d be a single mom working on her career alone. When Reed and I were together, he asked me to follow him wherever the NFL drafted him. He was a year older than me, and we talked about me changing schools when he landed in a new city. But that never happened.

Seeing him dredged up feelings I pushed away a long time ago. Even with the briefest glance at him on that beach, he was gorgeous. His body was more toned and his hair longer, his muscles were much more defined, but he was still the Reed I remember. Tall and tan with light brown hair and mesmerizing crystal eyes. His eyes could penetrate right through me, making my defenses dissolve. This man had once owned every beat of my heart. Even with the distance between us, I could see his aqua blue eyes staring into me. After all this time, the gaze had an effect on me I couldn’t explain. But then again, I look into those same eyes every day in my little boy.

My phone rings and I see it’s my crazy best friend calling for my daily check in. Luke and I never go a day without talking. I’ve tried to step back after my talk with grandma, but he won’t hear of it. We haven’t mentioned it since that day, but I know he’s worried about me seeing Reed. He was with me four years ago when Reed shattered my heart.

“Hello, honey,” I greet Luke.

“Babe, how’s my favorite girl tonight?”

I smile at his usual question. “Oh, you know, kicking ass, taking names, ready to move up that corporate ladder tomorrow.”

“Let’s hear it; I’ve got all night to help you nail this thing.”

There’s a soft noise behind me, but when I turn around, there’s nothing or no one there. I sip my wine and proceed to go through my presentation with Luke. He gives me pointers that boost my confidence. By the time I go to bed, my nerves are settled and I’m prepared to rule the boardroom tomorrow.

Reed fills my dreams, but instead of being devastated, these are pleasant memories. I wish I could hate him, but a piece of my heart still belongs to him. It always will.


Fuck! Just hearing her voice on the phone had my dick hard. She still has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. I used to ask her to help me study just to hear her read my notes back to me. Because of her, I aced almost every test my senior year. She definitely raised my GPA.

When she mentioned the big presentation, I couldn’t find it in myself to surprise her last night. Even with the thick envelope in my hand that gave me every detail of her life for the last four years, and the proof I have a son, I didn’t want to hurt her chances at impressing her boss. I sat back in the shadows and listened to her on the phone for an hour talking to Luke.

Now, I’m standing at her door, hoping to God that she lets me in. The shadows through the windows let me know she’s home. I knock and wait. When she opens the door, her face goes from happy to complete shock. Tears fill her eyes and I reach out to steady her arm when she sways.

“Reed,” she barely whispers.

“Arianna, we need to talk.”

Chapter 3


“Wha-wha-what are you doing here?” she asks.

“Well, that’s a very loaded question. Where should I start? Maybe with the fact that I have a son living in this house that I just learned about, or maybe the fact that you ran out on me pregnant and kept it a secret. There’s a lot more Ari, but let’s start with those two.”

She regains her composure and her expression turns angry. Fire shoots from her eyes and she hisses at me. “You have some nerve. How dare you?”

She’s angry? No fucking way. She doesn’t get the right to be angry. After the shit she’s pulled, I’m the one livid. “How dare I? Shouldn’t that be my line? How dare you?”

She doesn’t get a chance to answer because a little voice from the other room calls, “Mommy!”

I look over her shoulder and see him standing there in Batman pajamas, staring at us in the doorway. His eyes are wide and curious, and he’s holding books in both hands.

“You pwomised two.”

Her lips turn up in a fake grin and she nods her head back to him. “Of course, go get in bed and I’ll be right there.”

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