Reed's Reckoning(113)

By: Ahren Sanders

Luke was dating casually, but I get the feeling he has finally met someone special. She’s been around for a few months now and his attraction is obvious. The best thing is she has no jealousy with the closeness Luke and I have. Since he started seeing her, I haven’t seen him with anyone else.

A day hasn’t gone by that Reed hasn’t showed me how much he loves me. I try to tell him that I’m the lucky one, but he disagrees. We found out I was pregnant again last week and this time no birth control was involved. We were able to safely remove the IUD the last time I was pregnant and I had an uncomplicated pregnancy. I never inserted another one. We started trying as soon as Katy turned one.

I couldn’t wait to tell Sophie and Luke because they took bets on how long it would take for Reed to get me pregnant again. Sophie won, it only took one month.

“Mama?” Katy reaches her chubby finger up to me. I put her in the high chair, knowing it’s time for dinner.

“Where is that husband who keeps knocking you up?” Sophie asks.

“Someone looking for me?” Reed walks in and immediately comes to me. One hand rests on my stomach while the other goes to my neck. He kisses me until I’m breathless.

“Really? I’m standing right here. And your daughter is watching.”

“I haven’t kissed my wife since this morning, get over it.” He tells her and bends down to kiss Katy on the forehead. “I’m hitting the shower.” He walks out and winks at me.

“Is that Reed speak for ‘join me in the shower’?”

“Probably, but I have a baby to feed.”

“Let me do it.”

Looking at her like she’s crazy but I’ve noticed the signs lately of her maternal instinct coming out. I hand her the baby food and watch as she sits down and takes over.

“Sophie, I don’t know if I ever took the chance to thank you. Because of your push to stop fighting against Reed, I now live the fairytale he promised me. I want that for you too.” I squeeze her hand tightly.

“Ari, babe, you give him the fairytale too.”

I want to argue but can’t. Through even the worst times, we have overcome the obstacles my grandma told me were worth it. She was right and my husband is living proof that even the most horrible situations can have happy endings.

I kiss her on the cheek and walk towards my bedroom. My husband wants me in the shower and he almost always gets what he wants.


None of my books would be possible without the incredible support from my family. The late nights, interrupted vacations, and impossible scheduling can be aggravating, but they stuck by and cheered me on. This book is for them.

Vi, Thanks again for everything. You are an incredible friend and mentor. If it wasn’t for you, I’m positive I would go insane.

Ahren’s Angels, you guys are the best street team ever. I have enjoyed getting to know each of you and especially love our raunchy and sexy sense of humors. Jaci, AnnMarie, Teresa, Jeana, Allison, Helena, JC, Kimberly, Sabrina, Daniela, Leigh Ann, Stephie, and Jeneane, thank you for your support and never ending enthusiasm about my work. I look forward to all the journeys we have ahead of us.

Beta Beauties, I have gratitude form the bottom of my heart for you. Amber, Evette, Vanna, Rosanna, Amy, Emily, Laurie, Rayna, and Susan, you guys are amazing readers. Your attention to detail and suggestions mold my stories into a better storyline.

Anna Gorman Coy, you are a master of the English language. Your ability to help shape words and a sentence is incredible. I’m so lucky to have you in my corner for so many reasons, but mostly because you have a passion for your work and the authors you work with. It’s more than a job. Thank you!

I’ve met some incredible, crazy, and questionably certifiable friends this year. Gina, Nikki, Julie, Kristen, Heather, Glorya, Stephanie, Cory, Lynn, Andrea, Kathy, and Amber, you guys gave me laughter on tough days. Being able to work through issues with y’all has been a delight. I also have a much more dynamic vocabulary.

Jordon Legault, I know you probably questioned your own sanity after you agreed to work with me, but I truly appreciate your patience. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you.

To all the bloggers who have been supportive and promoted my work, you are greatly appreciated. I know how hard it is to manage a blog and all the social media that goes with it. You all handle it with ease and professionalism with endless support to Indie Authors. Thank you!

Readers, with all the options to choose from in the book world, I am honored you choose to read my work. Without you this would not be possible. Thank you for your messages, words of support, fan made teasers, and encouragement.

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