Provocative Professions Collection(8)

By: S.E.Hall & Angela Graham

He wheels closer, that soft, concerned hand finding my knee again. "Addison, please try to relax for me. Would you feel better if I had a female nurse join us?"

An audience?

"No, no." My head shakes rapidly back and forth. "I'm fine, really."

"Yeah?" His eyes search mine. "You sure?" Not sure what I do to tell him yes, but he seems satisfied. "Okay, let's start with some questions. Any concerns or issues you'd like to discuss today?"

"No, I'm only here to avoid a lecture." Though I'm still debating if it's worth all this.

His lip quirks in the corner. "I won't make you sit through another one then, since you're here, but I have to ask. Your paperwork says you've never had your Well-Woman Check. Is that an actual never, or an 'it's been so long, it was only once, that you just put that' kind of thing?"

"That'd be a never, as in never, kind of thing," I mumble, glancing away.

He slips his stethoscope from around his neck and rolls to the left, centering himself in front of my legs, which are smashed together in terror. "Well, you're remedying it now, and the rest of the information you filled out looks good. So, no other concerns? Regular periods?"

"Yep," I reply tightly.

"Do you give yourself regular breast exams?"


"It's important that you do so."

"Got it," I mumble after a pause, staring at his chest. Not because it's broad and fighting to escape his light blue button up, or even because the open collar hints at a sprinkling of dark brown hair, no, I'm solely transfixed on him rubbing the stethoscope's face there to warm it up.

"Good." He stands, securing the instrument in both ears, then places both hands on the sides of my throat. I startle, twitching a bit beneath his touch.

"Relax, I'm simply checking your lymph nodes."

His face moves closer to mine, his minty breath all I can smell, and then it hits me. My mouth clamps shut, in case mine isn't as minty fresh. All the crap I sprayed and I forgot about my breath?

Great, I'm a mute until he backs up at least. No way am I risking it.

"Deep breaths," he says softly, resting one hand on my back, the other placing the instrument to my chest. "Good, again."

I'm confident he can hear my erratic heartbeat. The beating only grows wilder thinking about it and my cheeks flush. The harder I attempt to school my labored breathing, steady my racing heart, the worse it seems to get.

"Addison," he pulls back to look at me, his brow furrowed, "please, try to calm down for me. Would you like a glass of water maybe?"

My shoulders slump on a sigh, aware that I'm being ridiculous. I'm a grown woman, nothing special or different about my anatomy, but Dr. Reynolds is surprisingly attractive. Coupled with the sweet understanding in his eyes, such a gentle touch, and positively virile cologne—this appointment suddenly contains a whole other category of nerve-inducing factors.

I'd flush crimson and breathe rapidly if a hot guy approached me in a grocery store, let alone one about to get up close and personal with my vagina.

Inhaling a steady breath through the nostrils and out, again through the nostrils only, I ease myself into a place of calmness. For how long, it's hard to tell.

"I'm sorry, I'm fine." I offer reassurance. "Carry on."

"Alright, deep breath again for me." He listens on my back and I use his instructions to settle myself further with each inhale. "Sounds good, now go ahead and lie down."

"L-lie down?" I croak as he makes a note on my chart. Is this it? Have we reached the vagina inspecting stage already?

"Uh huh," he hums in answer, concentrating on his writing.

My stomach rolls and knots as I reluctantly settle my back against the less than durable paper. My chest constricting, eyes bulging. Shit! Shit! Shit! My body is about to implode from the coil sprung so tight within me.

"Okay." He's up again moving towards me rubbing his large hands together.

With considerately warmed fingers, he gently grips the top of my robe and starts to pull it open. I must squeak out loud and not just in my head because he stills, looking directly in my eyes.

"I have to uncover your breasts to examine them."

My hands shoot up, clutching the robe shut. "Right, I know, but I forgot I did an exam this morning, myself. They're good, great actually. Two of 'em, exactly where they should be. Round and everything, I swear."

His cheeks redden as he fights a chuckle. "Medicine's come a long way. We check for a bit more than that now." He winks and my coil tightens in deeper places. "I need to make sure there's no suspicious tissue activity or formation. You didn't answer me clearly on whether you did regular breast exams on yourself before. When did you honestly do your last?"

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