Provocative Professions Collection(7)

By: S.E.Hall & Angela Graham

By the time I've reapplied deodorant, blotted the clumps, and sprayed perfume up and down my body, including down south, I'm exhausted. Turns out Cherry Almond doesn't mix well with Ocean Spray; my gag reflex hits and I race back into the bathroom and start scrubbing. Now I'll be red and irritated, freaking fabulous!

That's it, enough! My hands fly up into my hair, the one thing I could care less about and have done nothing with. This's going from bad to worse to…painful. I grab my cell, finger ready to dial and cancel, when I see the text.

Brady: Don't forget your appt. @10!

I realize all doctors take that darn oath thing, swearing to help all at any time able, but he's a bit too worried about my hooha's health.

Me: On my way out the door

There are phones that unlock with only the owner's thumbprint. They can take a heart out of one body and minutes later, place it in the chest of another, beating new life. People speak live, continents apart, over the internet. And yet no one has mastered the craftsmanship of the "doctor visit robe" beyond crinkly paper with one big ass side open…unbelievable.

The unpleasant hint of sweat building in the crease between thigh and ass cheek, as well as the backs of my knees, curtails my focus off the overly detailed illustrations on the walls. I'm left jumping up to shimmy across the cold floor with my ass hanging out to rip some paper towels out of the holder.

Wiping frantically, I dip a hand in my purse and spritz one more time, another scent—it's like Fruitopia down there. Jesus, just kill me already.

I'm climbing back on the table, the paper cover over it, in collaboration with my robe, making the loudest crinkling sound possible when a knock on the door spins me around with a startled yelp.

"C-come in," I stammer, straightening myself quickly.

Dr. Reynolds' head peeks around the door, his face lit up with a beautiful, comfortable smile. "Addison, you ready?"

No! "Yes." I manage a brave face for him.

Chapter 4

The doctor steps in, so young yet so dignified, and closes the door behind him. "How're you today?"

My pulse is rapid, throat dry, skin prickling. "Fine." The simple word hooks in my throat; bad start, try again. Mustering all the bravado I can find, I tear my gaze away from my clammy hands up to meet his. "Fine," I repeat clearer. "You?"

"No complaints." His eyes friendly and shining. "It's probably the best morning I've had in a while."

"Really. That interesting, huh?" I ask, gnawing my bottom lip.

Chart in hand, he hums affirmatively and strolls across the room. "Delivered healthy twin boys to a couple that spent almost a decade trying to conceive. Mama spent half the pregnancy on bed rest." He throws his leg over and straddles the rolling stool. "There's nothing like handing a parent their child for the first time. It's beyond incredible."

Gone are my nerves, replaced with a swell in my heart. "I bet it feels amazing to give them that."

His eyes rise to mine. "Not gonna lie, it feels pretty good." A soft puff of laughter bubbles up at his honesty, releasing the tension from my shoulders as my head tilts down.

All calmness working its way through me vanishes the instant I once again raise my head. He's watching me intently, his eyes holding mine in a commanding grip. The silence hanging over us is no longer natural and easy, but heavy, almost deafening. Goosebumps flare up my legs as the air charges with some foreign electric surge that shivers down my spine and pools in my gut.

It's Dr. Reynolds that breaks the heated connection, dropping his focus to my chart. "First visit, nervous?"

Am I nervous? I'm a lot of things right now, many yet to be named. I blink twice and subtly shake my head, attempting to brush off the fact that my body's on high alert, eager to discover what exactly just happened between us; that look, that spark.

Does he look at all his patients like that? Better yet, who's ever looked at me like that?

Whatever it was, it's dissipated, along with my poise, as I watch him read through the forms I filled out in the waiting room. Basic information, but still a reminder of why I'm here and what's about to happen.

Releasing my bottom lip from my teeth, I manage a shaky smile, grateful for his understanding. "Yeah," I breathe out, finally answering him.

He chuckles lightly and pats my knee. "Don't be, you're gonna be fine."

With a curt nod and tightness to my lips, I ready myself.

"So," he clears his throat and glances from me to the chart, "I'd say we'll do your annual, but since you've not been doing that, I guess we'll do your first annual today." He smirks my way at his joke and pulls a pen from his pocket.

His thumb covers the end and the clicking sound it makes sends a shudder straight through me, an obviously visible one considering his handsome face stiffens with a frown.

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