Provocative Professions Collection(133)

By: S.E.Hall & Angela Graham

"You really think she'll notice anytime soon? With all that fucking they do?" He places his finger to his lips for silence and casts his eyes toward the ceiling.

And sure enough, there they are, the uninhibited moans of pleasure that I wish belonged to anyone other than my cousin.

"Does Shaw ever take her out or I don't know…do anything else?" I ask, still stunned at how often they go at it.

"What can I say, they know what they like. Which, babe," he mock frowns, "I can't believe you're gonna let her show you up like that, but whatever. Anyway, yes, I asked. Lucy is ours."

"She hates Shaw. Loves you. And me." I snuggle Lucy closer. I've never had my own cat, or any pet for that matter, but all these changes are feeling right. "It does seem like we'd make the most suitable home—together, you know—for the sake of the cat."

"For the sake of the cat?" His brows shoot up.

"Yep." I fight it, but break out in a smile happier than any I can remember. Ever.

"Come here." He crooks his finger and I set Lucy down, taking my time to walk into his arms. "Happy?" he asks, mouth against my hair.

"Happy is such a vague word. It could mean—ouch!" I yelp, slapping his arm when he swats my ass.

"Say it, Firecracker."

"Fine," I grumble, loving to taunt him. "I'm happy. There. Are you?"

"More than I'd have thought possible. Especially with a sassy shit like you. But damn, am I."

"Ditto. Now draw me a bath, roomie. And I'll be there in five to join ya. Be ready to really convince me I made the right choice."

"You got it." He grabs my face and kisses me fervently, intoxicating all my senses, and when I lean in for more, he pulls away with a saucy grin. "See ya in five, Firecracker."

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