Paid For(8)

By: Alexa Riley

She lets out a little whimper as I pinch it and then release it. Reaching over, I grab a few of the covered dishes and take the lids off. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and more are revealed. Her eyes widen and she looks at me.

“Mason, I can’t eat all this.” She looks a little shocked.

“You’ll eat as much as you can hold and then eat a little more,” I say, picking up the silverware and cutting up her pancakes for her. “Because that’s what I’ve asked you to do. I want your belly nice and full.”

I smear the bite with butter and pour syrup over it, then hold it out for her to take.

She hesitates for a second and opens up. I feed her all of the pancakes and then start on the next plate, watching her mouth as she takes each bite. I didn’t know watching her eat, feeding her, could turn me on as much as seeing her cunt open to me. She makes it through three before she says she can’t eat anymore.

“Kennedy,” I scold. Chastened, she opens her mouth again for more.

Once I feel like she’s eaten enough to have put on at least a pound, I put the fork down and rub my hands on her thighs.

“Lean back in the chair. I want to play with you a little, and then I want you to suck me off.” She licks her lips, and for a moment I wonder if she wants this as much as I do. But I know that’s impossible. She’s only here because I’m paying her. She’s playing a role. A small part of me hates that, but a bigger part knows I’ll take this any way I can get it. And I will be taking it.

“Yes, Mason,” she says, lying back and letting her legs open wider.

I press my fingers to her wet opening and slide them in easily. Her puffy folds are glistening with juices, and the sound of her cunt sucking in my digits is so erotic. With my other hand I pinch one nipple and then the other. Leaning forward, I place my mouth on one, and I feel her back bow off the chair, trying to push my mouth down harder on it. I suck the tight bun in my mouth and bite down on it a little. I let her feel the pressure of my teeth as I fuck her cunt harder with my fingers. I could bend her over this table and take it with my dick, but I want to explore this little treasure.

“Mason.” She moans, and I feel her tighten down on me.

I suck her nipple harder, and within seconds she’s cumming on my hand. She may look innocent and sweet, but she fucking cums like a professional. I’m reminded again that I’m paying her to do this, and I lean away from her in aggravation. I shouldn’t be mad that I’ve hired her to service me, but I am. How many other men does she do this to?

Angrily, I unbutton my slacks and pull out my cock. I fist it in my hand and pump it a few times.

“Get your mouth on my dick,” I say, harsher than I should. I’m pissed off, and I don’t know how to stop it. “Let’s see if you suck a good cock.”

Quicker than I thought she’d be capable of after her orgasm, she’s falling between my knees, both hands grabbing my shaft.

“I’ll give you extra points for being so eager. Good girl, Kennedy.”

Her mouth is on my cock, and she’s swallowing more than I imagined she’d be able to get her mouth around. My head falls back and I moan as the warm wet heat of her mouth sucks me.

“Goddamn, sweetie. Be careful or you’re going to suck me dry and I won’t have any left to put in your pussy.”

She whines, and I grip her hair, pushing her down further on my cock.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you some.”

Her mouth pops off and then licks down my shaft and to my balls. She tongues me there and looks up at me at the same time.

“Fuck,” I grunt and I’m about to cum.

The sight of her on her knees with her fat tits hanging out and her wet cunt spread spurs me to orgasm. Thick streams of cum run down my shaft, and she licks them up, moving her mouth back to my tip. She sucks, and I can feel the cum from the base of my dick being vacuumed out by her mouth.

I grip her hair tighter and finally feel some kind of relief after a night of jerking off with no results. Her fucking mouth is magic.

“Good girl,” I breathe as she gives the tip of my cock one little kiss before smiling up at me.

I lean down and take her lips. The kiss is softer and sweeter than anything we’ve shared. The kiss is like one lovers would share, not one given by someone hired to get you off. For a moment, I can almost forget how she came to be in my office, and I pretend that she’s my wife. She’s come to have breakfast with me, and our morning touches have turned into this.

The image of Kennedy wearing white and owning my last name flashes in my mind.

Chapter Six


I stand in the middle of Mason’s massive bedroom surrounded by so many boxes and bags I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a little overwhelming. The room looks like a retail store exploded in the middle of it. It’s left the once-impeccable space a total mess, which is a feat because it’s double the size of my old apartment.

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