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By: Alexa Riley

I feel one of his hands on my thighs, pushing them apart as much as my skirt will allow. Then his fingers slide up. I sit there, unsure what to do as my breathing picks up. “But you knew that, didn't you? Came here willing to give me anything I want. Right?” He asks the question, but it doesn’t really sound like he wants an answer.

His other hand comes to my hip, and he jerks me down the chair so that my ass is nearly hanging off the edge. The movement allows him to reach my panties. I feel myself lift to the touch, but I’m not sure why I’m doing it. Why, all of a sudden, I crave his touch there. I should say no. I should push him away, but I need this job. At least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself. But in reality I need him to touch me. Just a little. A small touch.

One finger slides into my panties, and I gasp. “Oh, God.”

“Say my name,” he corrects me, eyes locking with mine.

“Mr. Foster. Sir,” I breathe out, and I feel myself push my chest towards him, unable to stop my body’s reactions to his.

A deep noise comes from him as his finger slides through my folds. I moan a little.

“Already wet. You came here to give me this and I’m going to take it,” he says before his lips take mine in a hard kiss. His tongue pushes into my mouth, demanding entry. I open for him, giving him want he wants. His hand between my legs strokes me back and forth, and I feel it coming.

The small, simple touches send me over the edge, and my orgasm pours from me. I try to moan, but his mouth over mine muffles the sounds. The delicious waves of pleasure wash over me as his tongue slows, giving me sweet little licks as he nibbles on my bottom lip.

When he pulls back, he tugs at my panties. I lift a little as he pulls them down my legs, removing them. I lazily open my eyes. I hadn’t even noticed they were closed. He’s standing up straight, looking down at me.

My panties in one hand, his other hand is at his mouth as he licks his fingers clean. He’s tasting me. I blush once again. He places the panties in the pocket of his slacks and returns to the other side of his desk to sit down.

I sit up and try to straighten myself, suddenly feeling cold in the giant room, maybe even a little lonelier. The silence grows, and I don’t know if I should say something.

“You start tomorrow,” he finally says, breaking my downward spiral. “I’ll need you to be at my beck and call, so it will be easier if you stay close to me. I’ll either look into a place in my building or have you use one of my spare rooms. Be here first thing in the morning.”

With that, he starts typing again, clearly dismissing me. I stand, trying to get my bearings, and he doesn't even look away from his screen. I turn and leave the room, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.

Chapter Four


I give up on sleep and throw the blanket off me, sick of staring up at the ceiling. There’s no point in it now. It’s almost four in the morning, and I haven’t so much as closed my eyes.

Not since I saw her. Felt her cum at my touch.

The thought has my raw cock throbbing with the need to release once again. He’s acting like I haven’t been jerking off since she walked out of my office yesterday. The first thing I did when her lush body left my office was take my cock out, along with her panties, and proceed to cum all over them. I’ve been doing the same thing all night. They’re a sticky mess, and probably don’t even have her scent on them anymore. I smile, liking the idea of covering her in me.

When she walked in yesterday, I couldn’t stand up. My dick was too hard, and I didn’t know if my weak knees could hold my weight. But once she sat down and I saw how the tight skirt pulled across her thick thighs, and how the button between her breasts was screaming to break free, I couldn’t help myself. I had to get as close to her as possible.

I can’t believe she’s a prostitute.

The words have been running through my mind. She looks young and innocent, so I can’t imagine she’s been at it long. The thought of her with another man makes me irrationally jealous. I’ve only been in a room with her once. Why do I already assume she’s mine?

As soon as I was able to form a coherent thought, I got her résumé from Helen and began to scour it. I looked up all her credentials and, as I suspected, they weren’t true. She was way too young to have finished college already. The one thing she didn’t lie about was her address.

I couldn’t control myself. I had to find out as much about her as I could. So as soon as I finished rubbing my cock, I left work and drove by her residence. I was just going to pass by one time and that was all. But then I drove by again. And again. I convinced myself that if I got a small glimpse of her, then I would be okay. I would leave her alone and go home. So I kept driving back and forth for a couple of hours, and finally I spotted her. She walked alone on the streets, and it made me grip the steering wheel fiercely. She looked too innocent to be left alone. Anyone could come up and grab her. I parked my car and waited until she was safely inside before I let out a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. The curtain moved slightly, and I could see her in her apartment. All I could think about was seeing her again. The small glimpse on the street wasn’t enough. I had to have more.

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