One Day You'll Be Mine(9)

By: Alana Hart & Lauren Lashley

“Take it off, sexy,” he said, tugging a piece of my dress with his fingers. The sight of the full outfit, with my breasts pushed up in the bra elicited murmurs of indecipherable pleasure. He reached up and squeezed my breasts, then motioned for me to get topless.

My entire body exploded with desire when he touched my nipples. They remembered the way he massaged and rolled them and responded favorably to his touch. I threw my head back in pleasure and moaned yes when he did that, telling him that his touch was going to make me cum.

In response, he stopped what he was doing and looked up. “Yeah?”

Grabbing me by the ass, he pulled me forward until my thighs were on the other side of his face. He pressed his nose into my panties and inhaled the scent of my arousal, groaning in approval of my aroma.

Using a carefully selected index finger he pulled my panties to the side, exposing my bare clit. Aroused and unafraid, it looked back at him, defiant and bold. He pulled me forward by my panty, sat me on his face and promptly started tasting my succulence.

I fell forward, leaning my hands against the wall so I wouldn’t hit my head. Overwhelmed by the pleasure, unfiltered and hedonistic moans of satisfaction escaped from my lips, swirling around the room like butterflies released from a cage.

The scene was erotic. His moans danced with mine as I rocked myself on his face, urging me to have my first orgasm. I tried to break free from the intensity, but he gripped my legs and grunted “Uh-uh,” lapping at the cream in my wet opening. “Where you going?”

He finally released me, digging into his pockets to grab a gold Magnum, an appropriate choice for his size. He dropped his pants, fished out his cock from his dark grey boxer briefs, and tore the wrapper with his teeth.

Face wet with pussy juice, the engineer looked at me with fire in his eyes as he crawled over, spread my legs and slid right in. His thick shaft pushed all my walls apart, tearing through the tightness of my canal.

“Oh God, that’s amazing,” I gasped.

He said nothing as he grabbed my legs, hoisted them up in the air and began thrusting in me. The look on his face as he bit his lip and his eyes rolled up told me how incredible my pussy felt. The wet, gushy sounds of sex mixed in with our pleasure-filled moans, groans, ooohs and aaahs.

I was heady with the scent of our passion filling the room. I reveled in the scent of his Green Irish Tweed cologne, and I came when he pumped me hard and told me to look him in the eyes as he came inside me.

His erection didn’t leave after his first orgasm, so he ordered me to get on all fours, bit and kissed all over my ass, then mounted me. Legs shaking, I regained my composure enough to stay steadfast. But as he thrust, filling me with his big cock, another hot crush of arousal began to build deep inside my wet core.

He noticed my legs were threatening to give out more, so he grabbed both arms and began pile driving from the back. I was helpless and out of control; he hit my G-spot, causing my body to shiver and quake. He held his thrust deep within me, held on to both arms tight, never letting me go as I let go of my inhibitions and squirted all over the bed.

“Yes,” he encouraged. “Good girl. Cum all over my cock. Cum on my cock. Yes.”

I was spent from that orgasm, and almost too weak to move, but he wasn’t finished. He resumed picking up his thrusts after I came, holding me by one arm and using the other to slap my ass and pull my hair as he conquered my pussy. Although I couldn’t move too much, my body was under siege and at his mercy. I couldn’t help but to feel the pleasure as I reached a micro fine level of sensitivity that caused my entire body to flare. Goosebumps were everywhere. My ears were buzzing. I felt everything he was giving me, from the stress of his day at work to the primal desire of man in his DNA passed down through the ages.

He fucked me as if I were the Red Queen, building his thrusts up to a staggering crescendo where he roared and came deep inside me. When he dismounted, a large wet noise let me know that he was no longer hard and had completely spent his erection inside me.

“Fucking incredible,” were the last words I heard before everything went black.

My body stirred to life reading that scene. The sex they were having seemed like a passionate play-by-play of the sex I had with Ellis. I could have sworn the author had a secret camera hidden in my apartment.

My nipples were so hard reading, I didn’t notice I’d snuck my hand under my tank top and began rubbing them. Pulses of pleasure cascaded over the left, then the right, and back to the left, as I rolled each nipple back and forth between my thumb and my index finger.

I wished Ellis were there with me. I could have read the passage aloud to him, and then we could have acted out this scene together. That’s what we did whenever we were horny, yet uninspired and seeking creative inspiration in the bedroom. Right then and there, I could have used his company as I relived Amy’s sex scene in my head. I could imagine Ellis taking on her lover’s aggressive role, turning me over and inserting his thickness between my thighs while pulling my jet-black curls and commanding me to “take that dick.” Except, in our case, Ellis would more than likely have on his military pants while fucking me, because he knew how much his uniform turned me own.

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