One Day You'll Be Mine(7)

By: Alana Hart & Lauren Lashley

In a way, it would feel more intimate because we’d be forced to get to know each other on a different level, so we could delay the honeymoon period without consequence, something other newlyweds didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing.

“Have you spoken to him?” she asked.

“Just once or twice on Skype. He looks so happy.” I pouted.

“He is happy. You know he’s always loved the military. He loves to deploy, and he always said he wanted to use that money to give you the big wedding you always wanted.” My eyes bugged when she said that so matter-of-factly. Big wedding? With blood, sweat, and tears money?

“He seriously planned to use all his extra money for the wedding?” I gasped. “No. I can’t let him. My parents have decided to pay for it.”

“You know how those Houston men are, Ro. So proud, so stubborn, and so damned hardheaded. He wouldn’t take a rusted penny of your dad’s money for the wedding.”

“Well he doesn’t have a choice. I’m planning the entire wedding and having everything paid for and ready to go when he comes home. I’ve set the date for two weeks after his definite return and everything.”

Now it was her turn to gasp. “Definite return? You know there’s no definite return on these things, right? He could be extended to stay out there longer, if he chooses to, or if he’s mandated to for one reason or another.”

“No. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and I firmly believe that since I want to be married in less than seven months with a nice wedding, we will have that.” I could almost feel my nose toot itself upward. Like the man I’d married, I too could be proud and stubborn, refusing to compromise to get my way when I really wanted it.

You could almost hear Natalia’s eyes roll to the back of her head at my admission. I laughed. It was okay that she groaned in disbelief. I lived in my own bubble of wonderment, and liked to keep a peppery, world-is-mine attitude. It’s just how I moved through life. Natalia wasn’t necessarily a negative Nancy; she just fancied herself more realistic and mired in actuality.

Changing the subject, I asked. “What’s for dinner? And how’s my nephew?” I bopped down the street as I thought about what I’d be having dinner. I had another fifteen minutes of walking to do, but, I was going to cut it short and head back to the house.

I was hungry, and I already knew I was going to grab some my lunch leftovers, Pad Thai from Zenna to indulge myself deeply. I already knew I didn’t need to do that. I should have opted for a protein shake instead, but I wanted thick greasy noodles.

“I’m tossing together a steak salad, with those Hawaiian rolls you know everyone likes. For dessert, there’s ice cream or cookies. I’m just going to prep the food and go straight to bed.”

“You sound so down all of a sudden. Are you okay?”

“I’m just a little frustrated with Hollis’ attitude lately. He’s been working a lot, and he makes time for Jordan, but he doesn’t have time for me. And we’ve been doing nothing but fighting lately.”

She paused, and then added, “That’s the not-so-fun part about being a military wife. You get the good, bad, and ugly of being the second priority. You’re really the mistress in your own marriage. The government is always first.”

“I’m sorry Natalia,” I said, in my most soothing voice. I inserted my key in the lock, turning the door in a swift gesture. “You know Hollis loves you. He’s been with you since like forever. Almost 20 years. He’s just having a rough patch.”

“You’re right, Ro. It’s just difficult to be levelheaded when he’s snapping at me all the time,” she replied. I could hear the weariness in her voice; she sounded like she could use a vacation.

“Hey, when’s the next time you can get off work?” I asked, getting an idea. “You should come spend a week or two with me. Get your mind off him, that base, and military life. Live like a carefree civilian again.”

“I have time saved up, but I’m not sure.” Natalia sighed heavily. “We were supposed to take a family vacation, but he says he’s busy, and I haven’t had time to get him to schedule some leave.”

“Forget him. Forget my amazing nephew. It’s about you, girl. You have to take out time for you. Otherwise, you’ll get lost in your wife and mother duties.” I headed straight to my fridge, grabbed the pad Thai from the top shelf and popped it in the microwave. Then I grabbed the first bottle of water I could find and chugged. I was definitely hungry, and there was no apologizing for it.

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