One Day You'll Be Mine(4)

By: Alana Hart & Lauren Lashley

But it didn’t take more than three or four minutes of my adept sucking for Hollis to cum. His leg shook, and he erupted, filling my taste buds with his thick, masculine flavor. I didn’t feel like spitting or messing up sheets I’d just changed, so I dutifully swallowed.

I turned to position myself over him, hoping to continue the foreplay. After all, I was still aroused. Even if he couldn’t fuck me with his cock, his mouth wasn’t off limits.

Hollis ignored my obvious need, the wet fountain between my legs pulsing for him to return the favor. He slapped my thigh when it reached the side of his chest, looked at me with kindness in his eyes.

“Baby, that was awesome. Lay next to me. I’m so tired.”


“Baby, it’s still early. We’ve got a little time. You don’t have to go in until later tomorrow.”

He spoke from the crook of his right arm, facing away from me, as if both I and the light were just too intrusive to his need for rest and solitude.

“That changed. They need me to come in tomorrow early to set up for one of the high commanders coming in. I have to get up at 5 AM.”

Great. Leave it to the military to interfere with my sexual appetite again, although, if I were to be honest, Hollis was never the type to let an early rise get in his way.

“Can you at least help me out?” I whined for him. “We haven’t made love in weeks.”

“Why are you complaining? You know it’s been busy on base, Natalia. You know that I’m Master Sergeant. You know that comes with responsibilities. I have several things on my plate at once, and no excuses to help me when nothing gets done.” He lifted his mouth from the crook of his elbow so I could succinctly listen to his snap. “I think you’d be much more understanding considering the circumstances. And besides, it’s Wednesday night, not Saturday, not even Friday.”

My cheeks burned in anger, and daresay a slap of shame, at his verbal explosion. Hollis sometimes had a temper. His hotheadedness was usually reserved for special occasions or times it was really called for. I wouldn’t ever have imagined the day when he’d use it on me in regards to sex.

“Hollis, it’s not that. I understand. “

“If you understood, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!” His voice rose to a nearly threatening level. I could see his jaw tense. He rose from his position, just enough to make eye contact with me, to communicate his fury through eye contact. “Next time I want my dick sucked, I see I clearly have to map it out with you first. Or pencil it in on the schedule, since you can’t seem to follow the rules.”

He immediately dropped back into his position, turned toward the bedroom door. His attitude, the way he spoke to me… there was finality in is tone that let me know this was the end of that particular conversation.

His words angered me. His offensive disposition assaulted the room, its vapors clinging to me long after his snores replaced his normal breathing patterns.

His Jekyll-Hyde personality turned me completely off. I didn’t want to touch myself and finish what we’d started. I turned away from him, facing the other wall in the opposite direction, fingering the lacy hem of the lingerie I wore. He didn’t even acknowledge that I had anything special or sexy on. I didn’t know how to feel about that, especially because I never wore anything special, even when sex was his idea – or planned for that night.

Selfish prick.

Chapter 3: Rose

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, baby. Be safe. Please.”

“Always. Talk to you later. Love you.”

I watched my husband, Staff Sergeant Ellis Houston, blow a kiss to me before turning his camera off. He was in Seattle, waiting for his flight to go to Iraq. We’d just gotten married about a week ago. He’d left two days ago with several airmen, for a four-month deployment. Four months was nothing, especially in the military. I’ve learned many women went without their husbands for as long as a year.

I didn’t think I could’ve gone a damn day without my husband. It’s been forty-eight hours and I haven’t had a meltdown yet. I’m very proud of myself. Very.

I cried for an hour on day one, fingering the gorgeous engagement ring he’d given me. It was all I’d have for a constant reminder of his love. Ellis was great at providing material affection. He thought my lifestyle required regular financial endowments of material things to keep me happy, but he was wrong. Jewelry and flowers were inconsequential; I’ve always had my own money, and I also purchased whatever I wanted. It was the things money couldn’t buy that meant the world to me. I wouldn’t have his hand to hold, hair to play in, or chin to nuzzle up against – and I’d take that over the 2-carat princess cut engagement he’d purchased for me.

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